16 June 2008

Some update and alone is the ultimate fate!

18 September 2007

It's take a year later to continue the war and update. T.o.H welcoming our new partner in crime: Clitormentor and NekroAzareal to the T.o.H deathcamp. Enuff said.

10 December 2006

TOH will start the fukking rehearsal and rekording in a few week. Daemonum will attacking the battledrums and Clit Tormentor ov NEKROVOMIT will play the bass. All the vokal part and guitar by Adh Infernum. Hopefully, The demo will be out early next year! This is hatred, This is retaliation! Fukk off!

19 June 2006

The new demo is postphone due from some problem. Add new links ENVENOM and INFERNAL KAOS PRODUCTION.

13 May 2006

THORNS OF HATE new domain name: http://thornsofhate.2hell.com
Debut demo is on the making.

22 April 2006

TOH will participate in a Compilation by GoatKult record. All bestial hailz and thanx to Jon "GoatTerror" Evil! TOH contributed "Nuklear Infernal War" - taken from the unreleased promo single. All info will be anounce soon.

TOH debut demo CDr will be recorded next month. It will be contain 2 track + 1 cover . Wait for the upcoming wrath!!

11 April 2006

The birth of THORNS OF HATE website.

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