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2005 Australian Indoor Archery Championships

16th-17th July

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And supported by
Australian Sports Commission
and      Australian Institute of Sport

Final results are now posted and photos are now available.  The 2005 Organising Committee thanks all competitors for their participation and spirit of goodwill at not just this event but at all the Adelaide Events (1999 Masters Indoor and at the 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Indoor Nationals).  We encourage you to come to Adelaide again for the 10th Australian Masters' Games in Adelaide in October, 2005 as a participant, accompanying person or as a volunteer.

We have enjoyed providing a premier sporting event; our best wishes to you all and see you on the shooting line, somewhere, sometime...


16th July - Progress results after Day 1
13th July - Target allocations updated
7th July - Target allocations updated
30th June - Target allocations
19th June - Entries being organised
18th May - Healthy Entries Forecast Good Competition
5th May - OK, so we lied a little!
8th February - ARCHERY ACADEMY on board again.
8th February - It might be about a week later than last year but the entry form (PDF - 270kb) is now available.
1st January - Accommodation list added
Organising Committee
Tom Jorgensen (Chairman)
Bruce Lang (Secretary/Treasurer)
Joe Vardon
Carol Ashlee
Jeff Nicoll
Kevin Dawson
Neville Turnbull
Malcolm Norris
Peter Mantell

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