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I work as a Research Engineer in Yahoo! Research's Natural Language Processing group based in Sunnyvale. Currently, I am part of the Technology and Research group in Yahoo! India. I recently joined Y! before which I was working as a Technical Staff Member at IBM's India Research Lab . I received my Masters from the Computer Science Dept. of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay . My thesis advisor was Prof. Soumen Chakrabarti . I did a short internship in Yahoo! under Dr. Byron Dom before finishing my masters program. Prior to my MTech, I worked for a year as a Software Engineer with Motorola, India.

Research Interests

My main interests include the application of natural language processing and machine learning techniques to solve information retrieval problems. I am also interested in the several issues that arise while trying to "mine" unstructured data. I am particularly interested in devising scalable techniques for large scale extraction of "entities" from unstructured text documents.

My Masters' thesis was titled "A Machine Learning Approach for Factual Question Answering" where we used machine learning and shallow NLP techniques to build a QA system. We built a QA system that gets better with practice, does not use any hand coded rules and whose performance compares with the top performers at the TREC task.

At IBM, I worked on problems of schema discovery for large scale information integration. I also worked on problems involving semantic extractions from unstructured text data and devising methods for systematic text understanding.

At Yahoo!, I work on large-scale Information (Named Entities in particular) extraction using Machine Learning techniques. During the internship at Yahoo!, I worked on developing an algorithm that uses the natural language phrase structure of the titles of the products to identify "keywords" in the title. We also developed a structure-sensitive framework that takes into account the layout and natural language structure of documents to be categorized.



My current resume is here .

Other Interests

I am interested in Hindustani Classical music. I like to listen to it and also like to know the details of the various raagas and styles of singing. Visit this site , if you are interested in it as well. I have also taken lessons for some years in vocal music. I like to read books and watch cinema. I am mainly interested in the philosophy expressed by the writers through their characters around which the stories are spun. I am also interested in Yoga. I also like to trek.

If you happen to come across this on the web, yes, it indeed is about me :-)

Contact Information

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