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Armchair Mysteries


Sherlock Holmes

Edited by
Alan Downing

Welcome to the Armchair Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes. This collection of pastiches was a labor of love that the authors may one day pursue getting published. The authors would greatly appreciate any feedback that you can provide by sending email to [email protected], posting feedback, or rating the stories or book. The current average rating for the book is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The pastiches in this collection span over many years of Sherlock Holmes's career and are presented in approximate chronological order. The collection covers a wide range of well-researched themes based on turn-of-the-century forensic science, historical events and unusual true cases. Each story features interesting and logical deductions that often allow the reader to match wits with Sherlock Holmes. If you're not going to read the stories sequentially, Spontaneous Combustion and The Case of the Decorative Button are the highest rated (see current ratings for more details.) The Typewritist is the shortest of the stories at 680 words while The Adventure of the Monolithic Stones and Spontaneous Combustion are the longest stories at over 6,200 words each.

Alan Downing is the author of fourteen pastiches in the collection. Ronald Downing contributed The Fremont Brothers and The Seance. Without further ado, here is a short synopsis of the stories, their ratings and their links:

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