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Clouder & Associates (UK) Asia. (SIIKAS of Borneo)

PREDICTIVE, Preventative Maintenance Surveys,
and Productivity/Profitability Consultants.

Surveys, anywhere, anytime e-mail me

Thermographic, Industrial Diagnostic, Condition Monitoring, Commissioning Consultancy, Quality Assurance, & OSHE Surveyors.
An Integrated Supply Service is offered in support of our mainstream activities.

Our Principal area of Operation is throughout South East Asia. We are based close to both Brunei International and
Miri (Sarawak, E. Malaysia) Airports, and prepared to mobilise worldwide.

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Special Surveys

�Infrared, Ultrasonic, Noise, Illumination, Inductive, Chemical,
Pipe & Cable Mapping, Thermal Insulation properties testing.
(If it is not on the list Contact us and ask.)


Drilling Research Institute was established in 1995 to market an electronic Drilling Manual. The web site at www.drillers.com
contains oilfield jobs, downloadable files, info on dayrates and more. There are no cookies, no registration is required and we do nothing sneaky to identify individual visitors. It's free so come on over and check it out.


Infrared Thermographic Surveys is our core activity. For more details click below

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UK Thermography Association (UKTA),dedicated to excellence, and created to support and help unite Thermographers in both UK, and World-Wide, to further the
profession's objectives.

Morley-Movers (Inter.) our world forwarders. From, Door to Door plus professional packing, and/or transhipping containers, to delivering your "BOP-Xmas-trees" to site.

Thermal Vision Image of a car

Sir William Herschel"It being now evident that there was a refraction of rays coming from the sun, which though not fit for vision, were yet highly invested with a power of occasioning heat, I proceeded to examine its extend as follows."

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