Infrared thermal imaging systems can detect the rise in temperature thus can be applied in a wide variety of areas. Since no physical contact is required between objects being scanned and the test equipment, it can be used during normal operation of the facility. The following tables contain some of the applications that infrared imaging can be used for. The tables also show the conditions detected and the potential impact had infrared imaging not been used. Please choose one of the following catagories to see the many applications that infrared imaging can be used for.

Electrical Equipment

Boilers/Steam Systems

Mechanical Systems


Other Applications


Power Distribution, Capacitors, Lightning Arrestors, Circuit Breakers, Conductors, Splices, Disconnects. Loose/corroded/improper connections and splices, inoperative capacitor, failed lightning arrestors, poor breaker connections, overheating, overloading, conductor strands broken. Overheating, arcing, burning, fire, conductor, strands broken- overhead line could come down. Inoperative capacitor causing lact of protection from power surges and possible early failure of associated electrical equipment, $1,000 - $100,000. Defective lightning arrestors leaking power to ground. Replacement + $5,000. Safety considerations.
Miscellaneous Electrical Apparatus, Switches, Breakers, Load Centers, Motor Control Centers. Loose or corroded connections, poor contacts, unbalanced loads, overloading, overheating. Arcing, short circuiting, burning, fire. 25% of all miscellaneous electrical apparatus failures are caused by loose electrical connections. Average main switch board or MCC repair, $10,000 - $70,000 - Replacement $80,000 to $100,000. Safety considerations.
Transformers Loose/deteriorated connections, overheated bushings, poor contacts (tap changer) overloading, unbalanced 3-phase load, blocked/restricted cooling tubes, fluid level. Arcing, short circuiting, burning, fire. Rewind (5000 KVA) $40,000 - $70,000; replacement $80,000 - $140,000.
Motors/Generators Overheating bearings, unbalanced load, shortened or open windings, heating of brushes, slip rings and commutators, overload/overheating, blocked cooling passages Defective bearings causing damage to iron and/or windings. Defective brushes, causing damage to slip rings or commutators. Resultant damage to windings. Damage to driven object. Motor rewind (5000 HP) $50,000.00 - $100,000.00; replacement $100,000.00 - $2000,000.00. Safety considerations.


Boilers/Furnaces Refractory/insulation breakdown, blocked cast. Iron sections/scale buildup, Hot gas leaks, furnace tube blockages/internal scale buildup, safety valve leakage. Wasted energy, cracked CI section. Replace section $1,200.00 - $5,000.00; replace boiler $8,000.00 - $30,000.00, furnace tube overheating and failure, tube and/or boiler replacement. Safety considerations.
Steam Systems Valve or joint leakage, insulation effectiveness, underground system leakage, restricted or blocked condensate return lines. Loss of steam/wasted energy - annual cost of steam leaks $10,000.00 - $30,000.00 depending on steam pressure, size of leak, cost of steam. Damage to parts as result of leakage. $500.00 - $50,000.00.
Steam Traps Trap malfunction, wrong size trap, back up from malfunctioning trap down steam. Trap failed to open, loss of steam, wasted energy - annual energy cost for one failed trap up to $30,000.00 depending on size of discharge line, steam pressure, cost of steam. Trap failed closed - carry over of water, air, and non-condensible gases to equipment. Repairs $100.00 - $50,000.00.


Refrigeration/HVAC Systems Electrical, air leaks, energy loss, heat exchanger efficiency, clogged condenser/heat exchanger tubes. Cooling/hot water/steam leaks, pumps, air locks. Inefficient operation, wasted energy, shutdown.
Pumps/Compressors/ Fans/Blowers Overheated bearings, high compressor discharge temperature, high oil temperature, broken or defective valve. Loss of bearings, damage to shaft and internal parts with possible damage to driving object.
Kilns Refractory breakdown, high bearing temperature, high gear temperature. Wasted energy, overheating and warping of shell, loss of bearings, gears or both. Repair, $5,000.00 - $100,000.00. Replacement $1,000,000.00.
Paper Machine Moisture profile irregularities, overdrying, misaligned press rolls, faulty steam boxes, bearing condition, Nip pressure. Malfunctioning vacuum boxes, heat ducts, dryer hoods. Defective roll press covers, irregular felt conditioning, uneven felt construction, irregular steam distribution. Moisture profiling - wasted energy, poor product, low production capacity, increased fiber damage from over drying, felt damage.
Process Fired Furnace Tubes, Burners, Refractory/Insulation Flame impingement, coke build-up on internal tube surface, faulty burners. Wasted energy, process inefficiencies, low production capacity, tubes overheating and warping or complete failure which could cause explosion with tube replacement or furnace replacement. Safety considerations.


Electrical *See Section On Electrical *See Section On Electrical
Envelope Heat loss, missing/deteriorated /misapplied insulation, air leakage, moisture problems in wall structure, local framing members, windows seal failure. Energy waste, uncomfortable occupants, moisture build-up within wall structure can cause severe structural problems, bricks spalling and falling off, precast anchor deterioration and eventual failure. Repairs $5,000.00 to hundreds of thousands.
Concrete Locate rebar and determine deterioration, locate and determine problems in parking ramp heating system, locate hot/cold water, steam lines, identify leaks and excessive heat loss. Rebar corrosion and concrete delamination unchecked carries severe structural problems which are very costly to repair. Snow melt cable in parking ramps not working could cause accidents.
Heating, A/C System See Refrigeration/HVAC Systems. Identify problems, determine inefficiencies in radiant ceiling panels and slabs, radiators. Energy waste, uncomfortable occupants, leaks can create additional damage.
Roof Identify leaks and moisture intrusion on flat roofs. Energy loss, leaks into the building interior which can create further costly damages, deck corrosion. Identify and repair roof at initial stages of moisture intrusion rather than costly extensive damage. Repairs $1,000.00 - $10,000.00 replacement $10,000.00 +++.


Dryer Rolls Condensate build-up, high bearing temperatures, thinning. Bearing damage causing breakage of trunion, dropping of rolls and damage to other rolls. Repair $10,000.00 - $2 million.
Storage Tanks - Misc. Fluid Products, Propane, Gases. Determination of fluid levels, inadequate insullation, leaks, defective valves. Over filling - product spillage, wasted energy, gas leaks to environment potentially lethal.
Ovens, Blast Furnaces, Ladles Annealing, Heat Treating Refractory deterioration, inefficient or malfunctioning heaters. Wasted energy, low production, faulty product, overheating and warping of structure.

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