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All About Accent Quilters...
Accent Quilters is a dynamic group of Israeli quilters - mainly English speakers - who meet once a month to share their interest in quilting and sewing-related topics.

The group began meeting many years ago at the home of Miri Cook � the first chairperson � in Ramat Aviv. Monthly get-togethers were held for a good "shmooze" and  "show 'n tell". The original name of the group was "The Accent Qvilters" (sic!), which was later renamed, "The Accent Quilters".

In 1992, just a handful of ladies sat around the coffee table, but slowly the numbers grew and in 1993 it was decided that each person would host the group in turn at their own home. A�block of the month� was started;  whoever hosted the meeting chose which block should be made.

At the end of 1994, Miri announced that she was going back to work and could not continue to lead the group. She handed over the reins to Terry Mowszowski who solicited Sarah Kochav (since returned to the United States) as co-chair. Not long after, it was decided that there were too many members to keep meeting at people's homes and the group began meeting at Beit Protea in Herzliya, now its permanent residence.

For the next few years, the group continued to meet regularly and everyone paid a small fee for a newsletter. Adi Hirsh, a collector of antique fabrics, also sent out patterns for different basket blocks. The group has an excellent lending library, ably managed by Edna Casson who, although she does not do much sewing herself, maintains her interest in quilting and constantly aspires to making one "soon". We honored Edna in 2005 when the group presented her with her very first quilt of blocks made by each member.

Past chairpersons include Miri, Sarah, Terry, Carol Smith and more recently, Zvia Strahilevitz Klein. I took over the reins in November 2005. Many of the original group members still attend and we continue to appreciate their experience and insights.

Accent Quilters meets on the first Tuesday of every month at Beit Protea in Herzliya.
Welcome to Accent Quilters
Message from the Chairperson, Marlyn Butchins
Welcome to the Accent Quilters' Web Site - as far as we know, the first such web site of any Israeli quilting group. The site has been set up to promote the art of quiting in Israel, and to show the world what we are doing here, with some very exciting and creative work coming out of Israel at the moment. We will cover diverse subjects of interest to quilters: our monthly meetings, workshops, "show 'n tell", we aim to start swap and  "for sale" columns, offer tips and ideas, special projects and links to sites of our talented members.  We welcome your suggestions and contributions and hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer.  And to our members: This is YOUR site, please use it and send us your contributions.
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Special Projects
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Tips 'n Snips
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Terry Mowszowski offers a variation on the Super Sized Nine Patch, (click to download) from an original idea by Anita Solomon Grossman:   (Download Anita's pattern here - Adobe Acrobat):
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