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will be held March 16, 2008 at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Go to and click on "Meet Info" or call 713-291-9357.

Mission Statement !!!
We will strive to bring unity, professionalism, and ethics to Texas All-Star Cheerleading so that we may accomplish great goals together.  By working with and educating each other we can elevate the quality and integrity of the sport of all-star cheerleading.  By hosting educational and competitive events we will raise the necessary capital to:
- sponsor students who otherwise would not be able to participate.
- provide educational opportunities for coaches

Achim's Gymnastics is looking for a new cheer director to start or bring a cheer program to his facility. He has a 50' x 75' dedicated cheer space. e-mail him at [email protected] if you can help him.

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