It's over ; we lost. The lawsuit that we instigated is going to be settled, after which the developer can go ahead. Part of the settlement is that we (AB Woodlands) will not be allowed to further hinder or even criticize the project, so this is our last chance.

Most of the blame goes to four honest, upstanding, well-meaning, misguided and misinformed members of the Planning Board. But also to City officials and employees, both elected and professional, who have worked hard, at taxpayers' expense, to bend the rules and improve the plan to make it acceptable.

The main problem is the attitude that any development is good and anyone who tries to stop it is at best misguided and often a jerk. With developers having more endurance, more money to hire lawyers, and more access to city officials, it's an uphill battle.

This development is bad for the neigborhood, bad for the environment, and bad for the city. There is a good chance that the result will be that the developer will lose interest, and the city will be left with just a hole in the ground. But that's typical of just about anything the city does nowadays.

July 1, 2007.

 Annisquam-BayView Woodlands Association
The Annisquam-BayView Woodlands Association is a neighborhood association in north Gloucester, Massachusetts, dedicated to trying to restrain development in the section roughly north of Goose Cove, south of Hodgkins Cove, and east of Washington Street. This includes the eastern part of Annisquam and the southern part of Bay View.
It was set up as a response to the proposed development between Revere Street and Bennett Street east of Langsford Pond, now known as Annisquam Woods.

Noel Mann, Co-President, 12 Dorset Drive, 978-283-4778
Daan Sandee, Co-President
Jim Groves, Vice President, 50 Revere St, 978-283-2257
Bill Saunders, Secretary, 52 Bennett St, 978-281-3985
Linda Saunders, Treasurer

There is no formal membership list, but we maintain an address list for both email and paper mail. Anyone can join who is a resident or has an interest in Gloucester politics, nature preservation, etc.

For general information, write to [email protected].

Other planned developments in North Gloucester, outside of Annisquam-Bay View:

  • Tide Rocks, four units on the shore in Lanesville adjacent to Seaside Cemetery.
  • Riggs Pasture, 24 units on Riggs Point, in Riverdale between Rte 127 and the river and between Willow Rest and the Goose Cove causeway. For more information, contact Barbara Lambert, 7 Vine St, 978-281-4802.
    The Planning Board rejected this proposed development on February 12, 2007.
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The masthead picture is looking east over Langsford Pond to the area proposed for development.

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