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Monmouth Shopmobility


Just about everybody who has been involved with our scheme has come to realise just how much difference Shopmobility has
made to peoples lives. These schemes grant independence and freedom to those who have had it denied them because of a
mobility problem.


As more and more town planners increase the amount of pedestrianised areas (and by doing so prevent cars parking directly
outside shops) and with the changes to the Disability Discrimination Act due in Oct it is inevitable that more towns without a
Shopmobility scheme will begin to think seriously about starting one.


Monmouth have taken the first steps in starting a scheme themselves, both the town council and CAIR the Monmouthshire
disablement association have talked with us about the logistics of setting up a scheme and now Ian Smith of countryside services
has, with the towns One Stop Shop and Tourist Information Centre, got the beginnings of a scheme up and running.


Members of Abergavenny Shopmobility will automatically be members of the Monmouth scheme and need only sign out the
vehicle; at the moment it is only one vehicle so please book in advance. Staff at the towns One Stop Shop and Tourist Information
Centre are working together to make the scooter available for hire seven days a week The One Stop shop can be contacted on
01600 775200.


Members please note there will be a small hire charge when using the Monmouth scheme.


One of the greatest assets to our scheme has been people donating vehicles; indeed we’ve had so many that we no longer have
room for anymore. If anybody reading this is in a position, or wants to donate a scooter to a worthwhile cause then you won’t find
many better than Monmouth, I know a lot of people are working very hard behind the scenes trying to get this scheme started and
I know they would greatly appreciate any help. If you do wish to donate any equipment to Monmouth please contact Ian Smith
on 01633 644825. On behalf of our own scheme, I would like again, to thank all those that have donated vehicles to us, they bring
a great deal of pleasure and freedom to very many deserving people.


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