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Customer Assistance


As a historic market town, numerous small shops with narrow entrances and steep steps add considerably to

Abergavennys’ charm but in some of these shops scooter/wheelchair access is difficult. If staff see anybody

waiting outside, or if the customer knocks on the window, they will usually go out to take their order.


Some of our members however feel awkward about knocking on a window, especially if they don’t know the shop

staff that well or if they are just day visitors.


We are setting up customer assist to try and counter this. The badge, which will be placed in the window of shops

where access is problem, is a signal to any scooter/wheelchair user that the shop staff will come to them to take

their order.


Scooter access


Many shops in the town do have ample room and access for scooters/wheelchairs, with these the green scooter badge will be displayed in the window.


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