Single Set Standard Solutions

Solutions for 3 through 9 tiles:

These are not really solutions to the Tantrix puzzles; instead they are all the possible loops you can build without violating the Tantrix rules. For example, there are other yellow loops that can be built with the first 9 pieces, but were ruled out because of the mismatch of ancillary colors. Also included are the two "impossible" solutions; the blue loops using seven pieces.

Triangular solutions:

I only reveal a single soultion here (the double oval one), and there are many others that exist. It's too bad the triple oval is impossible (at least with the Discovery set), but it looked way too cool to be omitted from this page.

Infinite-10 solutions:

When you buy a set of Tantrix, they encourage you to buy multiple sets so you can continue to solve loops using 11 tiles, 12 tiles, 13 tiles, etc., all the way up to infinity. Instead of buying an infinite number of sets, you only need to buy three sets. You need a second set to solve up to 20 tiles, and a third set to create a repetitive pattern that can be inserted somewhere inside.

Three (Yellow):

Four (Red):

Five (Red):

Six | Blue I:

Six | Blue II:

Seven | Red I:

Seven | Red II:

Seven | Blue I:

Seven | Blue II:

Eight | Blue I:

Eight | Blue II:

Eight | Blue III:

Eight | Blue IV:

Nine | Yellow I:

Nine | Yellow II:

Nine | Yellow III:

Nine | Yellow IV:

Nine | Yellow V:

Nine | Yellow VI:

Nine | Yellow VII:

Nine | Yellow VIII:




Infinite 10 (Red):

Infinite 10 (Blue):

Infinite 10 (Yellow):

Single Set Multiple Sets

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