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Wed. Apr 24, 2002

Today is the 114th day of 2002 with 251 remaining.

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Those born on this date are under the sign of (Taurus.)

 Maya Long Count: 12. 19. 9. 3. 6. LAHUN-Cimi BOLONLAHUN Pop

Mexica: YEI-Tochtli. MACTLACTLI-Miquiztli Miccailhuitontli CAXTOLLIYEI

Otomi Quenza: 3-Anqhua. Mapa: 10-Anyayay at. Cana: Anttzengotu 18
Purepecha: TANIMO-Auani. TEMBEN-Uarhini. Hanci~ascuaro TEMBENYUNTANIMU
Zapotec Yza: 13-Quij. Chij: 10-Lana. Cocijo: 1-Loo. Cocij: 1-Xoo.
Miercoles 24 de Abril de 2002
Today is the Saint`s Day for Alejandro, Melito, Honorio

On This Day

446 Years Ago, in 1556:
[Day 12-Tecpatl Year 12 Tecpatl] A comet is seen in the Anahuac Valley. In Europe, the comet would be known as Charles' Comet, as it foretold the retirement of Emperor Charles V from the throne and public life.

397 Years Ago, in 1605:
Tepanec native scholar Antonio Valeriano dies in Mexico City. Wrote _Relacion de la imagen de Nuestra Sen~ora de Guadalupe_, etc.

202 Years Ago, in 1800:
The world's largest library is founded in Washington, D.C. There are about 80-Million items in the U.S. Library of Congress.

168 Years Ago, in 1834:
Santa Anna takes office as President once again.

156 Years Ago, in 1846:
Mariano Arista takes command of the Mexican forces defending Matamoros against the US invasion.

125 Years Ago, in 1877:
News arrive in Mexico City on the concentration of US forces along the border near Matamoros under Gen. Ord.

105 Years Ago, in 1897:
President Manuel Avila Camacho is born in Teziutlan, Puebla. [d.]

102 Years Ago, in 1900:
Perennial labor leader Fidel Velazquez is born in Villa Nicolas Romero, State of Mexico. Motto: ``if you move you don't come out in the photo''

95 Years Ago, in 1907:
Director of photography Gabriel Figueroa Mateos is born in Mexico City. He worked for Bun~uel, Ford, and Emilio Fernandez. He ranks among the leading directors of photography in world cinema.

94 Years Ago, in 1908:
Historian and physician Don Jose Maria Marroqui dies in Mexico City. He was the author of the work "La ciudad de Mexico".

88 Years Ago, in 1914:
Mexico breaks diplomatic relations with the US, after the latter invades its territory.

82 Years Ago, in 1920:
The Plan of Agua Prieta is undertaken to overthrow Carranza led by Gen. Plutarco E. Calles, Francisco R. Manzo and Angel Flores.

61 Years Ago, in 1941:
Dialy newspaper _Excelsior_ reports the government has approved an initial expenditure of $14 million for improving harbors on the Gulf and Pacific coasts as naval bases.

60 Years Ago, in 1942:
Authorities arrest reported Nazi Party chief Ewald Bork and three other officials of the party in Mexico City.

54 Years Ago, in 1948:
Composer Manuel M. Ponce dies in Mexico City. Wrote "Estrellita", etc.

47 Years Ago, in 1955:
Spanish-born, poet, critic, art historian, and painter Jose Moreno Villa dies in Mexico City. [b. Feb 16, 1887, Malaga]

40 Years Ago, in 1962:
Spanish-born poet Emilio Prados dies in Mexico City. Wrote _Memoria del olvidado_, etc.

33 Years Ago, in 1969:
Arson at Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel with alleged involvement from the Brown Berets.

32 Years Ago, in 1970:
Meeting in Uruguay, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) acts to increase its total resources to $3.5 billion over the next five years.

30 Years Ago, in 1972:
The Law of the National Fund for Housing is promulgated.

12 Years Ago, in 1990:
President Salinas' "personal representative" to the Pope is accredited by the Vatican.

10 Years Ago, in 1992:
Mexican film "Danzon", directed by Maria Novaro, is recognized in the Film Festival of Montevideo.

9 Years Ago, in 1993:
DIF reports that divorce rate in Mexico has reached 35%.

"True historic science consists in showing and explaining the structure of the being that we endow to the past when we discover it as ours." -- Edmundo O'Gorman

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