Newsletter No. 8

Winter 2000

As with recent newsletters, Newsletter No. 8 concentrates primarily on sharing information or requests for information. However, thanks to the help of Teri Helzer there is now a web page for the village of Rosenberg which contains a lot of photos, stories and other relevant information. Have a look at it on:

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The following people have contacted me since the last Newsletter.

KUXHAUS[EN]/PEPPLER from Larry Kuxhausen – photos on the website
Hello Richard,
I am sending you four photos that I took of pictures I have. The quality is not great. I am having the photos digitized and will send better copies to you later. The one of Conrad with Aunt Kate, Uncle Fred and Grandma was taken in Russia it is believed. The second is a family photo of Conrad's entire family.. The third is a real find of my Great[grand]dad, Conrad? The smallest
child is Aunt Kate. The fourth is of my Mother's family the Pepplers and includes my Grandparents, Greatgrandparents, Greataunts and Uncles. The Peppler's were not from Rosenberg. I noticed a reference to the Graf's in the newletter and included the Peppler photo because my Greatgrandmother was Julia Graf.

PEPPLER [identification of photograph on Rosenberg web page ] from Debbie Befus Voyles
I sent the photo to my mother Henrietta Helen Peppler Befus and my mom made the I.D. of the family photo. The photo is of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother and Family. Surname of PEPPLER.

Starting in the back row in the upper left hand:
 Katherine BORN: 27 April 1892. (This is the line of Larry Kuxhausen)
 Alexander BORN: 6 Dec 1897 Saratov, Russia. (My Grandfather who married Marie Schmunk of Oberdorf)
 Frederick BORN: 12 Sept 1900
 Katherine Peppler wife of George Jr. (not 100% sure of this I.D). 
 George Jr. BORN: 10 June 1890 (after wife Katherine died and my Grandfather Alex had passed George Jr. and my Grandmother Marie Schmunk Peppler then married in CO)

Next the somewhat middle row:
 Jacob BORN 6 Jan 1899
 Henry BORN 27 July 1902

Front row:
 Edward BORN 6 March 1908
 (GGF) George Peppler BORN 10 Nov 1870 Hussenbach, Saratov, Russia
 Lydia BORN: 20 June 1911
 (GGM) Julia Anna Graff/Graf Born 6 Feb 1870 Dobrinka, Saratov, Russia
 Victor Born: 6 Oct 1905

GGF and GGM immigrated to the United States in 1907. I have the Obit of Julia Anna Graff. In the Obit it said she is from Nobility. Born in Dobrinka were she grew up. Thank-you very much for your help. My mom who is 83 was so excited to get the picture it made her very happy. Debbie Befus Voyles

E-mail 2 from Debbie [August 2000]
I just got the Death cert in the mail today of [my] GGF and GGM. Here is some more information to add. 
George Peppler Sr. [His] Father is Casper Peppler [and his] Mother is Dorothy Cook/Koch Julia Anna Graff [Her] Father [is] unknown Graf and her Mother unknown Ernst.

And a query from Debbie:
I am looking for an Adam Martin and Katherine Heinz/Heinze- no other information other than I have conformation of daughter Eva Elizabeth Martin Schmunk b. 13 or 11 Feb. 1870 in Oberdorf. (I have two different documents with two different birth dates).
Thank You very much for your help......Debbie

Ans: Can anyone help on this one?

SCHMUNK from Earl Brown 
[For a summary of the earlier members of this family see later]. 
This message is primarily about my Mother’s side of the family. My mother was Martha Schmunk.

Somewhere in your correspondence you referred to a Johan Schmunk, born 1872, wife Catherine, born 1872, and children Heinrich born 1892 and Herman born 1898/9) They arrived in Canada on the S.S. Numidian in 1899 and there was some thought that they possibly could be from the village of Rosenberg. These are my Grandparents.

My Grandparents John J. Schmunk and Katherin Margaret Huva with their children Heinrich, born August 18, 1890 and Herman, born July 8, 1898, immigrated to Canada in 1899. They arrived in Quebec City on Nov. 6, 1899, on the ship S.S. Numidian.

Their destination was Winnipeg, Manitoba. They lived in Winnipeg until 1906 when they left to pursue farming in Saskatchewan. Within about a year they obtained a Homestead near Prussia now known as Leader, Saskatchewan.

Ans: I do believe these were from Rosenberg.

Richard. I do not like to question your beliefs - but what is it that makes you believe that these Schmunks, my Grandparents, are from Rosenberg. I would like to believe they are, but at this time I guess I am not convinced. My doubts arise from the correspondence you had from H. Manweiler and another family of Schmunks that arrived in Winnipeg in 1900. Johann Schmunk wife Kotha and children Julianna, Alex, Lydia and Heinrich are listed as passengers on the S.S. Tunisian. You have a note by this family which states "H.Manweiler Winnipeg 1990, thinks this is the family he knew there in 1920".

Further in your information (as I received from Ron Schmunk) you list S.S. Numidian passengers Johan Schmunk and his family (My Grandparents) along with the note (thought to be the family known to H. Mannweiler and came from Rosenberg).

Did H. Manweiler know both of these Schmunk families??

I have no knowledge of what happened to the S.S. Tunisian Schmunck family. Do you??
Therefore, I am not sure if this is the Schmunk family that was known by Mr. H. Manweiler?? 

Ans: Possibly not - he lived most of his life in Winnipeg.

On first glance it would appear to me that the Schmunks link back to Dobrinka.

Ans: Can anyone give assistance in this identification?
In relation to Ron Schmunk of Winnipeg this may be a different family.

Earl continues:
Ron's Grandfather, Adam, born in 1872, married a Dahlinger. They had five children, David, Henry, Julia, Adam and Lydia. Adam, born in 1909, married Katherine Spring, and their only child was Ron … [edited]. 

There was another Schmunk family (David Schmunk, believed to be my Grandfather’s cousin) in Winnipeg at about the same time. I will quote, "David Schmunk was born in 1893 in Rosenburg, Saratov, Russia. While in Russia, David worked in a flour mill. He immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1911. The following year his bride-to-be, Elizabeth Adams, also from Saratov, arrived. They were married in Winnipeg in 1912. David worked for the city of Winnipeg as a manual laborer. Four years later, in 1916, Dave and their three daughters, Mary, Mollie and Pauline travelled by train to Prussia.........." 

Earl asks some general questions:
1. Does Saratov, Gebernia make sense? Is there or was there such a place??

Ans: Yes it does - Saratov Gubernia means roughly the Province of Saratov - that is where the German colonies lay. It does not mean the town.

2. Why would David Schmunk be quoted as coming from Rosenburg, Saratov, Russia? It seems to me that Rosenburg and Saratov are distinctly separate communities. (Yes I know the spelling of Rosenburg is also in error).

Ans: Because it is the village of Rosenberg in the Kreis of Kamyschin in the province of Saratov. [Kreis is a bit like ‘county’]. Further note – Kamyschin is also a town.

3. I have been led to believe it was common practice for family members to have a common first name, but a unique middle name by which they were referred to. For instance, brothers may be named Johann George, Johann Jacob or Johann Heinrich. They would be called George, Jacob and Heinrich. Are you aware of this practice?

Ans: Very much so - and it caused problems on the passports when they would be put down as their first name – and also on the ship manifests. They were usually named for a saint or a biblical person - thus Johann [John], Maria [Mary] etc but where it was the name it would stand alone e.g. Johannes not Johann [and no middle name]. 

SCHWARTZKOPF from Ronald E. Zitterdorf
Both my maternal grandfather (Jacob Schwartzkopf) and maternal grandmother (Alice Lye) were born in Rosenberg. As such I and my family members are very interested in learning more about Rosenberg. 
Ronald E. Zitterkopf

SCHWAB/DAHLINGER from Nola Ochs of Kansas
E-mail 1: George P. (Peter, we think) Schwab is our ancestor. He had 2 sons, Conrad born about 1898 in Russia, Walter born about 1900 in Russia, and a daughter, Emma born about 1902 in Russia. We guess his wife had died in Rosenberg, because he came to America in 1906 with his children only.
E-mail 2: Dear Richard, We have learned a few things about our George P. Schwab and his [no] 2) [wife] Katie Dahlinger (who had a 5 year old daughter named Clara) ---- married January of 1910 in Shattuck, OK. A son, Victor, was born in December of 1910. A few years, 6 or 8 maybe. Katie died of ruptured appendix----then George married 3) Eva Jergerson-Schick. We also know the George's father was Peter Schwab of Russia, and his mother's maiden name was Ehrlich. Can you help us learn if there are now Schwab families or Ehrlich or Dahlinger families in Rosenberg, Russia.

 MANWEILER [from 1857 census abstracted by Dr Pleve]. Sent by Mona Manweiler
Date 18.02.1858
Jacob Peter Manweiler 52
w. Sabina 49
d. Anna Maria 17
Catharina Margaretha 14

1s. Johann Jacob 31
w. Eva 25
d. Catharina Elisabeth 4
s. Johann Heinrich 2

2s. Heinrich Jacob 29
w. Catharina Elisabeth 26
d. Maria Catharina 6
s. Heinrich Adam 3
s. Wilhelm 1 mo

3s. Johann Heinrich 22
4s. Johann Caspar + [died] 1857

Family originally to Messer [1760s], then to Franzosen beginning of the 19th century. Finally to Rosenberg in 1852 [foundation of the daughter colony].

BUXBAUM/BUXMANN from George Valko
Thanks for your response to Alda (Buxmann) Maluk's letter, which she forwarded to me.I actually don't think Buxmann and Buxbaum are related families. I know that spellings drift over time, but I believe that Buxbaum and Buxmann have been separate names for many hundreds of years. But a professional genealogist may have a different take on this question.
Yes, I do know of a Buxmann) woman from Rosenberg. She is Anna A.(Buxmann) Weiz, and was living in Krasnoturinsk (in the northern Urals) when I last heard from her, about 3 years ago. She apparently does not write so her friend, Martha Krieger, wrote for her. Her address is:
Russia 624460
g. Krasnoturinsk
Sverdlovska (Ekaterenburgskaya) oblast
ul. Bastroeskaya 
dom 22, kv. 34
Weiz, Anna Alexandrovna (Buxman)

I first contacted her after seeing a video several years ago produced by Nebraskan, Marvin Ziegler, of his visit to Rosenberg and other places along the Volga. On the video she said she was born in Rosenberg in 1920, and her father was Alexander Buxmann-also obvious from her patronymic middle name. I will add that I believe there is strong evidence that all Buxmanns from Russia trace their ancestry back to Johann Georg Buxmann, born 1745 in Ueberau (Reinheim), Germany, and died after 1798 in Mueller, Russia . I had Professor Pleve of Saratov research the Buxmanns who entered Russia in the period 1764-1767. He said there is only one Buxmann family, and they settled first in Mueller; then later various offspring went to different surrounding villages. I will also be happy to sharewith you what I have collected on other Buxmanns in Russia. (We've been able to trace the Buxmann family back quite a few more generations using German church records, and good help from various genealogists and more recently from Mr. Harry Trudrung. I relate this to you so that any Buxmanns you find from Rosenberg can be informed of the progress that has been made in tracing the line back to Germany.)

Hello John and Richard,
I was reading in the Rosenberg newsletter # 6 that there is a village map of Rosenberg? I do not find it on the AHSGR website under maps [correct – it isn’t there but it is on the Rosenberg website!  ]. My grandparents Alexander Stricker and Katherina Weitzel Stricker were both born in Rosenberg. Alexander's parents were George Heinrich Stricker and his mother Mary Elizabeth Horst Stricker. There were seven children that we know of. Grandma's parents were Johann George Adam Weitzel and Mary Catherine Ziegler Weitzel. there were 9 children then she died and he married Kathrina Strackbein. I am very interested in any information you may have esp. on these families. Thank you

Oh yes, Marie Stricker Schwab's (my great aunt) daughter Margaret is married to a Henry Graf, not sure if it is one f or 2.

E-mail announcement from Patti:
My family has ordered and received the Stricker family chart which follows our great grandfather George Heinrich Stricker b. 1850 back to Germany. "Johann Michael Stricker b. 1723 and wife Anna Margaretha Barbara b 1722 of the Lutheran Faith, farmer from Roth arrived in Tscherbakovka colony on June 15, 1765." 

The Stricker family stayed mainly in Tscherbakovka and also went to Kraft, and 2 complete families (including about 27 children (have not counted them all ) went to Rosenberg. If anyone is interested in finding out more about copies of the chart, they can either write to me - Patti Sellenrick 115 Rice Ave. Sheridan, WY 82801 or email [email protected]

SEIFERT from Rose
I found the 1910 Census for Sugar City Twp. Otero County, Colorado Roll Number T624 123 Enumeration Number 126 Sheet 3B I couldn't read the Page Number I will be sending away for a better copy from NARA it will take a while about 6-8 weeks but here is what I can read from it.

Clark Street
line # Name
54 Seifert Balthaser Head 55 (Born in Russia) 
55 Anna Wife (Born in Russia)
They had 4 children only 1 living
56 Seifert Balthaser Head (Born in Russia)
57 Marie Wife (Born in Russia)
58 Marie Daughter 10 (Born in Russia)
59 Anna Daughter 7 (Born in Russia)
60 George Son 5 (Born in Rosenberg, Russia)
61 David Son 2 ( Born April 29, 1908 Sugar City, CO 
Balser and Mary Elizabeth got Married in Hawk Springs,WY.
From Rose at [email protected]

WEBER from George Valko


20 Aug 1999 Page 1
1-- Johann Adam WEBER-14147
sp-Katharina Elizabeth BIEGLER-14148
2-- Johann Heinrich WEBER called Enrique-13481 (1871-1951)
sp-Eva Katarina FISCHER-13482 ( -1946)
3-- Enrique WEBER-12873 (1900-1974)
sp-Anna KIMMEL-12874 (1898-1932)
4-- Santiago WEBER-11882 (1928-1995)
sp-Luisa Elena FRANZ-7369 (1933)

DAHLINGER/FOSS/GRAF from Margaret (Fries) Piwowarski ([email protected])
E-mail no 1:  Hi, My grandmother was from Rosenburg. I'm not sure how to spell her maiden name. She was Anna Dahlinger (Darlinger, Doerlinger?) and married Henry Foss, and he was from Oberdorf. Her father's name was Frederich and her mother was Eva Katherine-(Graf). Anna was born in 1985. I really am not looking for anything in particular, I guess, just interested in anything that is known about her village. 

E-mail no 2:  Hi, I have been asking questions in my family too late. My mother is kind of confused about relatives, she is 85. My grandma seemed to have only an Aunt here and some cousin. The cousin's last name was Kramer and lived in Wisconsin. My Grandmother was Anna Foss and came here in Jan. of 1912. Her brother, Alexander Dahlinger came to America to visit in the early 1920's and for some reason, he did not stay. He married a German woman with the last name of Willets. She married in 1904 and moved to Oberdorf, Granpa's village and maybe she didn't know about relatives who came to America. I just can't figure that out.

E-mail no 3:  Amazing. My grandparents came to the U.S. around 1912, so your relatives came here a lot sooner than that. Do you suppose we are related. My grandparents belonged to the Lutheran Church, however they went to meeting and belonged to the Brother's. That's all I can remember them calling it. They called everyone Brother and their name or Sister and name. I have heard the name Kraus many times. Is there also anyone by the name of Graff or Graf in that village? This is so interesting. Margaret 

Here's what I have on Heinrich Martin family. 

George Adam Martin, b. Holstein. Had a son Heinrich b 1850 in Holstein. Family moved to Rosenberg. Heinrich married Susanna Krenz/Grenz. They had sons David, born 1873 (prob. Died as infant) and son David b. May 20, 1878 in Rosenberg. David died Sep 12, 1958 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. He married Katharine Dahlinger. Heinrich and Susanna immigrated thru Galveston on Nov 11, 1910. Ship was SS Frankfort. Some of the above information came from Kirchenbote obit index, from the Central Washington Chapter AHSGR. Theresia Sardines provided information. 
[from ship list for SS Frankfort to Galveston Nov 11, 1910].

Dave Martin b. abt 1863, from Rosenberg to Loma Colorado. Wife Katharine b. abt 1877 and son Dave. from Kitchenbote obit index - Dave F. Martin b. June 19, 1904 in Rosenberg. Died Jan 30, 1959 in Scottsbluff. Wife was Katharine Hoffman. 

From family chart for Judy Lundgreen, L128 - Alex Wasmiller, b. Aug 4, 1897 in Rosenberg. Married Eva Eliz Grentz b. Feb 18, 1917 Unterdorf. 

E-mail no 1:  I am doing research on my family history. My great grandmother Anna Schmunk Nuss was born in Rosenberg in 1897, as was her brother John in 1903. They emigrated to Canada and then western Nebraska with their parents Henry and Katherine (Honstein) Schmunk in 1906. Henry's parents were Johann Adam and Katharina Margaret (Deines) Schmunk. I am not sure if the family had originally settled in Rosenberg when coming to Russia from Germany. Johann Adam was a traveling Baptist preacher, and I know that one of the villages he preached in was Oberdorf, although I do not believe that is where he lived. If you could help me in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been unable to find any information in Russia and just recently foundout the village they came from.

E-mail no 2:  Richard, Thank you so much for the information. Juliana and Jacob Dahlinger were aunt and uncle to my grandfather. You had mentioned a Jerry Dahlinger who gave you the information. Could you give me the contact information for him? My aunt Velma Schmunk had given me another Dahlinger contact but I had not yet called her, as I am currently working on a different branch of my family. Thanks so much. Derek Nuss. 

I had corresponded with you several weeks ago regarding the Schmunk history you had given me the address for a Jerry Dahlinger, who had an ancestor Juliana Schmunk, who was related to my Schmunk line. However, it seems that he moved from the Ripon area (which is very near me) over two years ago. Do you know of anyone who would be able to give me his current address, or an email address. Also, I was wondering if you have any information on another branch of my family. The surname was Honstein (or Hohnstein). My ancestor was Katharina Honstein, born 1876. Her husband (Henry Schmunk) and children were born in Rosenberg, so I am assuming that is where she was from also. She had two brothers, Phil and John. Also two sisters, one married a Sterkel, the other a Burback. These families all ended up in Nebraska.

ARNBRISTER From: "Bettye J Grant" [email protected]
[To Teri Helzer] Found your name in the new "Clues". was wondering if you have any of the names in my family research. My father was born in Rosenberg, and many of the others were born in Shcherbakovka. I understand they were sister villages(?). My father was born in 1901, they migrated here in 1902. The Name is Arnbrister, spelling variations are Arnpriester, Armbrister, Armbruster. Some of the German names married into the family are. Strakbein, Dahlinger, Martin, Birkle, Frank, Eichman, Weil, Koenig, Markus, and Grasmich.

BATH/RUTZ from Gustavo A. Bath
Can anyone help Gustavo A. Bath in Argentina? {see below}
He is looking for his grandparents; George (Jorge) Bath who married Catalina (Katherine) Elisabeth Rutz Aug 8, 1905 in Rosenberg. Catalina is the daughter of Jacob Rutz and Catherina Elisabet Sareng. George is the son of Jacob Bath and Daisy Grief.
[Lynn and Ron say] I can not find his family in my data base. The information I have on my Batt, Bath, Bott is from the village of Frank. Possible his family came from the other branch of the family that stayed in Dietel. A chart of the family in Dietel has been ordered from Dr. Pleve but has not arrived yet. Or possibly there is a connection with the Jacob Rutz family in Rosenburg?
Lynn & Ron Greenwald 
1104 West Magnolia Street. 
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 USA 

‘I have the immense pleasure to contact you after finding in one it paginates of internet, your contactarce desire with descending of the family BATH in Argentina, my name is GUSTAVO ADRIAN BATH, grandson of JORGE BATH, of Russian nationality, son of JACOBO BATH and of DAISY GRIEF, married with my grandmother CATALINA ELISABET RUTZ who contracted connection AUGUST OF 1905, 08 in the parochial ptotectorate of Rosenberg, my grandmother is daughter of JACOBO RUTZ and de CATALINA ELISABET SARENG. Rhese they are the data but clear that possess with regard to my ancestros. He/she would want to know if you. he/she has data ampliatorios that allow me to obtain antecedents. Awaiting their answer greets him sincerely’.
GUSTAVO A. BATH [email protected] 

SCHLUNDT from Debbie Boyer
I am interested in learning how to obtain some family information about my great-grandmother from Rosenberg, Russia. Her name was Amelia Schlundt born December 2, 1882 in Rosenberg. I currently have obtained her passport, immigration papers to the United States following her marriage to Jacob Stricker in Herington, Kansas on March 24, 1904. I do not have any other information on her family of Schlundt and would be interested in any leadsyou could give me in gathering her parents names and family history. 
Thank you for your help!
Debbie Boyer

HORST from Esther Horst Benn
I am Esther Horst Benn....My father was Adam Horst born March10, 1909 in Rosenberg, Russia to Balzar and Anna Rupp Horst and died on Jan. 9, 2000. I know nothing of the history of the Horsts beyond this and would appreciate any information you may have of this family or where I may find it. My grandparents Balzar and Anna Horst arrived in San Francisco in 1912 and on to Scottsbluff, Ne. where they lived and raised their family.....They are buried in Scottsbluff, Ne. as are my parents, Adam and Mollie Schneider Horst. I am a resident of Evanston, Wy. along with my husband Hubert. We are retired schoolteachers from Evanston but spend the winters since our retirement in 1991 in Hurricane, Ut. where we reside at this time.
I can be reached via email at either place. My email address is [email protected]
Thank you for your interest.
Esther H. Benn
150 N 3700 W
Hurricane, Ut. 84737

KELLER from Teri Helzer coordinator for Oberdorf
Richard, I ran across a couple of Rosenberg births while doing some case you don't already have them, here they are from RootsWeb:

 ID: I19 
 Name: George KELLER 
 Given Name: George 
 Surname: Keller 
 Sex: M 
 Birth: ABT 1845 in Schilling,Russia 
 Death: 1901 in Schilling,Russia,Russia 
 Ancestral File #: 3940-7B 
 Reference Number: 19 
 Baptism: 17 JUL 1993 ogden 
 Change Date: 9 JAN 1999 at 00:00:00

Father: John Johannes KELLER b: in Russia 
Mother: Katherine STEINLE

Family 1 Elizabeth GRAF b: 13 JUL 1851 in Dobrinka,Russia,Russia 
1. Alexander KELLER b: 1 SEP 1871 in Alexanderthal,Russia,Russia 
2. Dave KELLER 
3. Marsha KELLER b: ABT 1874 in Saratow,Russia 
4. George KELLER b: 8 APR 1876 in Russia 
5. Henry KELLER b: 30 SEP 1878 in Rosenburg,Russia 
6. John KELLER b: ABT 1880 in Rosenburg,Russia 
7. Gottfried KELLER b: 1886 in Alexanderthal,Russia 
8. Anna KELLER b: 6 JUL 1888 in Alexandertal,Russia 
9. Molly KELLER b: 14 JUL 1893 in Alexanderthal,Russia 
10. Fritz KELLER

Here is the chart sent in by Earl Brown:

Descendants of ? Schmunk

Generation No. 1

1. ?1 SCHMUNK.

Children of ? SCHMUNK are:
3. ii. ? SCHMUNK.

Generation No. 2

2. CARL2 SCHMUNK (?1). He married KATHERINE.

Children of CARL SCHMUNK and KATHERINE are:
ii. ELIZABETH SCHMUNK, d. Siberia, Russia.
v. LUSANNA SCHMUNK, d. Siberia, Russia.
4. vii. JOHN [JOHANNES] SCHMUNK, b. February 21, 1870, Rosenberg, Saratov, Russia.
5. viii. ADAM SCHMUNK, b. 1872.

3. ?2 SCHMUNK (?1).

Notes for ? SCHMUNK:
To Winnipeg in 1911

Child of ? SCHMUNK is:
6. i. DAVID3 SCHMUNK, b. 1893, Rosenberg, Saratov, Russia.

Generation No. 3

4. JOHN [JOHANNES]3 SCHMUNK (CARL2, ?1) was born February 21, 1870 in Rosenberg, Saratov, Russia. He married KATHERINA MARGARETTA HUWA December 26, 1888, daughter of ? HUWA.

i. HENRY JAKOB4 SCHMUNK, b. August 18, 1890; d. August 25, 1975.
iii. HERMANN SCHMUNK, b. July 8, 1897; d. December 6, 1969.
iv. MARY SCHMUNK, b. December 1, 1900; d. December 28, 1992; m. ? DEERING.
v. LYDIA SCHMUNK, b. April 18, 1902; d. January 12, 1996; m. ? KUEHN.
vi. JACOB SCHMUNK, b. August 9, 1903; d. April 8, 1981.
vii. EMILIA SCHMUNK, b. December 4, 1904; d. 1904.
viii. MARTHA SCHMUNK, b. December 4, 1904; d. 1904.
ix. EMILIE HEINRICH SCHMUNK, b. April 10, 1906; d. August 19, 1998.
x. MARTHA SCHMUNK, b. August 22, 1907; d. May 25, 1994; m. ? BROWN.
xi. HILDA SCHMUNK, b. February 23, 1909; d. May 17, 1982; m. (1) ? COLWELL; m. (2) ? BARAGAR.
xii. WILLIAM SCHMUNK, b. August 19, 1910; d. May 26, 1996.
xiii. JOHN SCHMUNK, b. March 15, 1912; d. January 8, 1993.
xiv. FRIEDA SCHMUNK, b. May 15, 1915; d. June 27, 1997; m. (1) ? WENTZ; m. (2) ? ODLAND.

5. ADAM3 SCHMUNK (CARL2, ?1) was born 1872. He married (1) CATHERINA MARGARETTA DAHLINGER. He married (2) EDNA CLAYTON.

i. MARIA4 SCHMUNK, b. November 18, 1900; d. August 24, 1901.
8. v. ADAM SCHMUNK, b. 1909.


6. DAVID3 SCHMUNK (?2, ?1) was born 1893 in Rosenberg, Saratov, Russia. He married ANNA ELIZABETH ADAMS 1912 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Children of DAVID SCHMUNK and ANNA ADAMS are:

Generation No. 4

7. DAVID4 SCHMUNK (ADAM3, CARL2, ?1). He married MARY BACH.

Children of DAVID SCHMUNK and MARY BACH are:

8. ADAM4 SCHMUNK (ADAM3, CARL2, ?1) was born 1909.

Child of ADAM SCHMUNK is:

9. LYDIA4 SCHMUNK (ADAM3, CARL2, ?1). She married DAVID MEYER.

Children of LYDIA SCHMUNK and DAVID MEYER are:

From Richard McGregor, Rosenberg Village Coordinator
As usual I invite readers to send stories, family trees, photos and so on. I’d be very happy to receive these by disc or by snail mail or by e-mail. For e-mail contact please send material to [email protected] Send pictures as attached files in .jpg format and text as .rtf files if using attachment. Please look at the website and let me know if there’s anything you would like to see there. I am getting very short of old stories about Rosenberg – if you have some please send them to me, no matter how small. My snail mail address is:
5 Meadowfield, Halton near Lancaster, 
Lancashire LA2 6PT, U.K

Here is a photograph of the LIND family:

Left to right:

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