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 The Official CM 97-98 Patch

(2.5 MB)
by Sports Interactive

Improvements and Bugs Fixed


The limit of £50000 has been removed. However, this does not mean you can offer what you like. The board will limit it depending on the state of your finances. Basically if you have over £20 Million in the bank you will be able to offer what you like - any less than this then the board will step in with a limit.

International Duty

If a player is playing in an international friendly (or U21 match) his club match will take precedence. So a player in your squad can be picked for the international squad but will not be able to play if you have a match. The national teams now have 25 players to make up for this and to reflect the usual national squad sizes seen today.

Player's Value

The value of a player now remains more stable and will no longer increase and decrease dramatically.


B-Teams will no longer sell off their players without your approval.


We have now allowed players to be re-called from loan after the transfer deadline.


The attendance figures for matches has been made more realistic. So for minor competitions such as the "Auto Windscreen Shield" the attendance figures will reflect real life.


The databases have been updated as much as possible since the release of CM97/98 - thanks to all of you who sent us updated player, team and manager data. If you have made your own database updates and want to keep using them then please make back-ups of them in a separate directory before installing the patch. The team database (TMDATA.DB1) is no longer compatible with the original CM 97/98 and the one we supply must be used.

Fixture Clashes

We have removed where ever possible top division fixture clashes with international matches

Too many friendlies (the "Addfix 1" bug)

The fixture scheduler has been improved and now will not crash if you arrange loads of friendly matches.

Work Permits

Computer teams will also suffer from work permits not being renewed. Computer teams will be willing to sell players without a work permit. Free transferring players without work permits will not affect board confidence.

Dutch Player Histories

Many player histories for Dutch players have been added. We would like to thank Sander Coolen for supplying us with this information.

Minor Fixes

During the making of the foreign language versions of CM97/98 many minor improvements have been made to many areas of the game.

Download it (Techcities)

Unofficial CM 98-99 Patch

version 2.8
size 3 x 1.44 MB + 0.25 MB
by Flagship CME

Changes CM 97-98 v2.93 to start at the start of season 98/99.
3 Leagues now included (England, Italy & Spain). All the correct competition winners are updated, plus teams are all in the relevant competitions. The teams are in the correct divisions. Patched version (v2.93) needed.

Download it (part 1)
Download it (part 2)
Download it (part 3)
Download it (part 4)


MC Scandinavia Patch

by James 'Statto' Rouse

Accurately named competitions and leagues
36 teams in each country (plus non league sides)
The ability to play all three leagues at the same time
Compact patching program...no big exes to download
Works with both 8MB and 16MB versions (patch only)
You can manage Norway, Denmark or Sweden
Accurate data which will be updated regularly
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English commentary available

Download it (Part 1)
Download it (Part 2)


Finnish League Patch

by Jarkko Nyman
size 1.29 mb

Correct competition names +one extra competition: 'Veikkaajan Supercup' ;-)
10 teams in Veikkausliiga, 20 teams in Ykkönen (in same group)
715 Finnish players
Histories of over 80 players included
Patcher program, no big exes to download
Useful backup and uninstall programs
Works currently only with 16MB non-patched game
You can choose Finland to manage
Data will be updated regularly

Download it

CM Bulgaria

by ´Viper´ and Jamie Whittle
size 1 MB

95 Bulgarian teams
2 divisions (16 teams each) - replaces the Portuguese competition
Bulgarian cup and supercup
more than 40 Bulgarian managers
more than 600 Bulgarian players
Possibility to be a manager of the Bulgarian national team
Simple installation: all you have to do is unzip the files to your CM directory and run cmbginst.exe

Download it

MLS Patch

by Jamie Tanner
version 1.40

Will convert Belgian league into MLS league. For patched version only.

Download it

Championship Manager 97/98 Turkish Patch

by Umut Yildirim

540 turkish players included.

Download it (part 1)
Download it (part 2)

CM Argentina

by Twiq

For 8mb game of patched version (2.93)
Over 50 Argentinian and South American managers
68 Argentinian teams (including non-league teams)
Updated team colours
World Cup players, eg: Jamaicans, Iranians
Over 600 Argentinian players.

Download it (part 1)
Download it (part 2)
Download it (part 3)

Israeli League Patch

by Omer Weisberg

Download it

CM Europe

by Al McCurry

For the patched version. Converts Belgian league into European super league.

Download it

Brazilian Patch

by Daniel Burlamaqui

Changes Portuguese league to Brazilian league. Updated every week.

Download it

European Super League

by Imran Shah

For the patched version. Converts the Dutch league into European Super League.

Download it



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