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version 4.00
by Jamie Whittle

Allows you to rename competitions, remove pre programmed injuries, create your own button and page in the game and much more. A must for those who want to make their own patches.
Download it

Util Pack

by James 'Statto' Rouse

Contains currently three different programs:
NATPATCH: A program that replaces Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with another national side of your choice
PATCH270: A program that changes various features in the exe files. These are: Man Utd now plays Arsenal in the Charity Shield, Lazio now play Juventus in the Super Coppa Italiana, pre-programmed injuries are removed, Anderlecht are no longer banned and more !
MCDATE: A program that allows you to change the date of a saved game so you can skip the starting period or go to the end of the season after only one game!
Download it

Flagship Player Agent

version 1.2
size 180 kb
by Flagship CME

For the patched version. With this you can remove a player from any clubs shortlist, clear a teams shortlist quickly and easily or add any player you wish to any clubs shortlist.
Download it


version 1.2
size 146 kb

A search tool with many features, for the patched version.
Download it
Download it (support files, required by CMWiz to run)

Flagship Time Traveller

size 163 kb
by Flagship CME

Travel to any time you wish in the game - play any fixture you want to immediately!
Download it

Wage Fix

by Marc Vaughan

Will change the upper wage limit from £50k to £100k. For the unpatched version.
Download it

Add Money Crack

by Stefan de Vogelaere

Utility for adding unlimited money to your team during a game. For the patched version.
Download it

Mind Compression's Super Scout

version 1.1
by Mind Compression

Player search program for the patched version
Download it (8MB game)
Download it (16MB game)

Boardroom Manager

Version 1.5
by Flagship CME

Manage as many teams as you want... ALL of them if you wish (including clubs & countries ABROAD!).
Manage your B-team effectively, stopping all those idiotic free transfers that the computer dishes out to your youth!. ( Patched Version ).
Download it

CM 97-98 Game File Editor

Version 3.01
by Jamie Whittle

Allow to rename competitions, the start of the season, etc in order to create a special game file for special league patches.
Download it

Boah's pre game editor

version 3.20 beta 6
by Svein Einar Kvernoey

Pre-game editor for the patched version
Download it


version 1.00 (non-beta)
by Mind Compression

Saved game editor for the patched version.
Download it (8 MB game)
Download it (16 MB game)

Save Game GOLD

version 2.00
by Teguh Iman

Saved game editor for the non-patched version
Download it

CM 97/98 Data Editor for Windows 95

version 2.00
by Tri Wasono

Pre-game editor. You can also edit player histories with this.
Download it

CM Hacker

size 500 kb
by `Viper`

A game file editor for 16mb game of patched version. It allows you to change the cup winners, names of the leagues and competitions, remove pre-game injuries, change the credits, change the name and version of the game and edit World Cup qualifying tables. For Windows

Download it

MC Managers Reporter

size 109 kb
by Mind Compression

A program that lets you print out important squad details on one page

Download it (8 MB game)
Download it (16 MB game)



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