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Copyright © 2003-2006 Mark K. Davis. All rights reserved.

What is RTEJava, and what does it do?

RTEJava is a free cross-platform encoder and decoder for version 1.00 .rte files.

The .rte file format was created to allow the exchange of files derived from copyrighted material by using an encoded format to protect the copyright. This file format was introduced by version 1.00 of another utility. The Windows-native version of that other utility was released in July 2002, but no fully functional Macintosh-native or *nix-native versions have been released (as of February 17, 2006).

RTEJava extends the usefulness of the .rte format to the Mac and *nix platforms, and maintains compatibility (as much as possible) with the flawed version 1.00 of that other utility.

What is the name of "that other utility"?

The author of that other utility has requested that I refrain from using his name and trademark (that is, the name of his utility).

What's new in the beta version of RTEJava?

The most visible change to users is that the interface no longer appears to "freeze" while RTEJava is processing a large file. Also, animations have been added to indicate progress.

NOTE: RTEJava has been fully functional since its alpha release in early February 2004.

What are the system requirements for RTEJava?

RTEJava runs on the following platforms:

  • Mac OS X, on either a PowerPC or an Intel processor,
  • Mac OS 8.1 - 9.2.2, on a PowerPC processor,
  • Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP,
  • Any other platform (*nix, BSD, etc.) that supports Java 1.2 or later.

In addition, you must have a JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment) installed on your computer. Fortunately, many operating systems come with an appropriate version of Java pre-installed!

For details on identifying an installed version of Java, installing Java (if necessary), and running RTEJava, see the "Read Me" webpage.

NOTE: RTEJava is a stand-alone Java application, and cannot run in a web browser.

How much does it cost?

RTEJava is free for all commercial and non-commercial uses.

This software is provided as-is and has no warranty (i.e., use at you own risk!)

Where can I get it?

  • For Mac OS 8.1 - 9.2.2 only:

    RTEJava is available as a .sit compressed file containing a double-clickable application and support files.

    Unstuff the .sit file to a folder of your choice. Do not remove the RTEJava application from its folder; make an alias if necessary.

    If Java and Swing have been installed correctly, you can launch RTEJava by double-clicking its icon; otherwise, see this page.

  • For all other operating systems:

    RTEJava is available as a .zip compressed file containing an executable .jar (Java archive) file and support files.

    Decompress the .zip file to a folder or directory of your choice. Do not move the RTEJava.jar file from its folder or directory; make an alias, shortcut, or link if necessary.

    To launch RTEJava, try double-clicking the .jar file (This works if Java is already installed, and .jar files are associated with Java on your computer); otherwise, see this page.

Copyright © 2003-2006 Mark K. Davis. All rights reserved.

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