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Due to a design flaw in the encoding/decoding algorithm of version 1.00 of the original .rte utility, that utility does not work correctly as a cross-platform application: Some files that are encoded using a key file from one platform cannot be decoded by the original utility using the corresponding key file from another platform!

The original utility was developed for Windows and released in June 2002. This cross-platform issue was apparently overlooked.

RTEJava uses a new decoding method that can decode these files no matter what platform or which application (that is, RTEJava or the original utility) was used for encoding. RTEJava was designed to be a truly cross-platform application.

NOTE: I informed the author of the original utility about this flaw in December 2003. To my knowledge, the flaw has not been addressed.

What is the name of the "original .rte utility"?

The author of that other utility has requested that I refrain from using his name and trademark (that is, the name of his utility).

Is there a way to avoid this flaw?

The easiest solution is to use RTEJava, as it was designed to be cross-platform.

Can you describe this flaw and how RTEJava compensates for it in more detail?

The details are here.

Copyright © 2003-2006 Mark K. Davis. All rights reserved.

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