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Whatever doesn't fit in any of the other categories, is here. It's just a bunch of fun links that I recommend you to visit.

Philosophy: Many links to philosophy subjects for you to choose from.

Clipart home page: many links to backgrounds, bullets, animation, etc.

  V-R home page: lots of cool animated images, for free.

Best of the Planet Awards
Best of the Planet Awards 1998

Useful Stuff: Bunch of crazy things.

Nasa homepage: Enough said.

Simpsons official homepage: Simpson world


IQ Test:Many IQ test some are accurate, others are just for fun.

Discovery ChannelExplores this site.

 EcolutionDespite it's controversial use, as a drug, hemp can save our tree's.

Looney site

ZD net websiteComputer news, reviews, shopping places, etc.

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