The   RANDOM MUSIC for Y2K  Project


* What is the idea?
It is going to be great interactive midi fun ... I hope. We assume that you know what Y2K is ... otherwise you should look it up on the WWW as quick as you can ... anyway the 21st century only takes off on Jan 1st 2001 !!! (we hope you are aware of this fact as well). Now, everybody is invited to contribute to the creation of a 2001 seconds (somewhat more than 33 min) during midi composition for 16 channels. General Midi Instruments must be used (to keep the project democratic).

 * How can you contribute?
The main condition is that all the 'cells' of the "Y2K midi composition table" must have been computer-generated by 'RANDOMIZING PROGRAMS' . On that page you can find a collection of FREEWARE and SHAREWARE 'music' generating programs. Try them, it's great fun!

 * After generating 'music' with any of these programs, a few corrections may be done, but in origin the sequences should have been automatically-generated by them. So, in fact, only computers will have created the Y2K-Midi-Composition... Let's say computers made a musical conspiracy against well-educated human composers.

 * The initial sequences should preferably not  have a duration  OVER 3 MINUTES !
You are allowed though to submit files that have a duration over 3 minutes, but they should in no way exceed 30 kB!

The final work will be
a 'COLLAGE' composed with your pre-final sequences,
and will last 2001 seconds.
  • Forget about earlier restrictions concerning the use of instruments: everything can be edited leaving instruments unchanged, by using the midi program controls.

  • But let us just stick with the GENERAL  MIDI  INSTRUMENTATION (GM instr. 0 to 127) 
  • Also, CHANNEL 10 should be used as the default DRUM- or PERCUSSION CHANNEL.

 * You can PICK ANY SEQUENCE from the table, remix it or alter it in any way - then send it back to me as an attachment in an email. When it matches all specifications needed, I will paste it back into the 'midi-belt' again, possibly in another place, according to the number of channels (and the tempo used) ... and so on. We keep the right to REPLACE previously published sequences by newer and better ones ... or not to place new bits at all when they 'don't match'...

 * Try to add a DESCRIPTIVE TEXT to go with it - I will make that this 'alternate text' shows when the mouse is positioned over the button!

 * Finally, you should not claim ANY rights on the fragments you contribute, neither should there lie rights upon the bits you use! I will not take any responsability in this matter!

 * Remember: RANDOM MUSIC for Y2K is a NON-PROFIT PROJECT. Enjoy it, and


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