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The song that you'll be hearing, is called "The sideliner",
and is completely composed BY the COMPUTER,
using software that you find the download links to in this page.
You don't have to "know" music (neither do I!)
Want to download the mp3 version of the embedded midi song? Over here...

THE  Y2K  MIDI  TABLE : Consume what's on it, and fill it up with new stuff ...
tempo>300 'Flyfish1' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria.     'harmonie' by Wataru'4 trumpe' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, 'Harpsui' by Benedikt Bogenhuber   'Isozaki' by Benedikt Bogenhuber 'Joyful' made by the use of 'Tangent''Musicbo1' by Benedikt Bogenhuber 'Godsjoy1' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria.'Not Close Morris' by David WoolsHeavens' ladder by Tim Conrardy
tempo=290     'Mungo001' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria       9-4-harmony= a mix    
tempo=250           3rd and final mov.(giga) of A String Sextet, by Edgardo Solano      
tempo=240       KITARSKI KVARTET (a guitar quartet) by Andrej Golob, Slovenija.          
tempo=230       '9-4-jam' by Marios Kefalopoulos   'Fungle' by Bob Van Belle     A marvellous tango created by Diego Penalver, using Tangent.
tempo=220     the swamp     First mov.(allegro) of A String Sextet, by Edgardo Solano 'A Passion Dance' by Edgardo Solano 'Mapalé' by Edgardo Solano, Colombia S.A.  
tempo=210     'Notre Dame' by Willem Van Ravenstein            
tempo=200     'Cembalo1' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria     not 1 note touched...'min31' by Willem Van Ravenstein   'Cruelty' by Jeroen VantorreReady_5 by myself 'Blue 5' by Tangentusers Anonymous
tempo=190 pianodrops     Marathon by myself
'Irish Hills meet Peter and Charlie' by Marcus from   'A walking bass' made by the use of 'Tangent''Jazz Aahsking' by Marcus from  
tempo=180 'Yupangui' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria.     TROBILNI KVARTET (a brass quartet) by Andrej Golob, Slovenija.   'Identitiy' by Edgardo Solano'Amtrack' by Edgardo Solano   'A nervous breakdown' 'Coati' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria.
tempo=170   Oneliner'Richard II' with the aid of Oblivion by John Close'Belivion' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria         Fugue made with Tangent only  
tempo=160 Crazy (by Gustavo Diaz-Jerez, creator of FRACTMUS)   'Chimes01' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria     'Tangent005b' by Phil Jackson 'Workout 1' by Tangentusers Anonymous 'Delicatesse made with Tangent''Balkan1''Balkan2'a JAZZ++ version of 'Jenny pluck pears' by Bob Van Belle 'Nonstop' by John Close'Orpheo 1' (partim) made with QFCMix of 'Orpheo1p' and 'Nonstop''Fat_but' by Edgardo Solano
tempo=150 Like 3 blind mice 'Tuba01' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria    
'Allegro' by Jeroen Vantorre   'Mapping Pi' - QFC program (untouched)'Cumbia' by Edgardo Solano, Colombia S.A.'Strings plus one',  based on 'Essences' Lucky number - Quasifractals !Magnum Opus - QFC program (untouched)
tempo=140     An exotic rhythm (Oblivion program used)   'Tangent 014' by Phil Jackson 'Tangent 012' by Phil Jackson   'Gospel - Extract' by John Close'Brite 1' by John Close'Tangent007' by Phil Jackson'Tangent Percussion' by Phil Jackson
'Essences''Moondawn' by Edgardo Solano (based on 'Essences')A mix of tg_perc and tg007, made by Joe Erdinger
'M32-3b' origin. by Cynique using Yo Kubota program
tempo=130 salvbeat = an easy transformation of 'rhythmic salvation'...Cuban Drums= drumtrack made out of 'Scuba Canon' rhythmic salvationScuba Canon by Jeremy Cavaterra After Van Ravenstein N°20 Derived from 'Blue Monk'   'Research' using Oblivion 1.27a 'Elegy' by Bob Van Belle 'Nerves' by the use of 'Tangent'  
tempo=120 'Forehand' - a modified Jeremy Cavaterra!'Drumsolo 21' by Mark Brannan African rhythms created by the Yo Kubota Program'Dali carilloneur' by Mark BrannanFour Playing, created by Bob Van Belle using KeyKit growing in harmonygrowing armiesAfter Van Ravenstein N°29 - Sounds like 'French' Filmmusicby  Bob Van Belle, using Orchaos 'Mods123' by Cynique - Oblivion Program'Solemn01' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, AustriaGODALNI KVARTET (a string quartet) by Andrej Golob, Slovenija.'Miss Silke 3' by Mark Brannan Mix of raven29 and afrodms !'Thursday' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria 'Evaluation 6' by Tony Wilkes------- 'Vier + drie' by Willem Van Ravenstein'Medieval Stomp' by David Wools Eval 6  + Band-in-a-Box !'Bolero' by Edgardo Solano, Colombia S.A.'1984' by Tangent Patterns, by TIM CONRARDY. KeyKit, but also other programs were used.
tempo=110     'Echoes' by Cynique (creator of the Oblivion Program)by  Bob Van Belle, using Orchaos   Entwined (by Rowsby) 'Pentagon' using Oblivion 1.24   'A wild one' by the incredible TANGENT'My Wife' by Edgardo Solano, Colombia S.A.'Bellissimo' by John Close'Sideliner' by Bob Van Belle; used programs: Tangent/Jazz++  
1 channel
<3 min
2 channels
<3 min
3 channels
<3 min
4 channels
<3 min
5 channels
<3 min
6 channels
<3 min
7 channels
<3 min
8 channels
(or more) 
<3 min
>3 min but
NOT over
30 kB!
PROPOSED PRE-FINAL MIXES: '160_1'  bpm=160'Walkfugu' a mix by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Salzburg/ Austria, bpm=170'Drift 106' by John Close'Dognonid' by Benedikt Bogenhuber (Identity + Doggz + Nonstop)'m3gosbri', a MIX of m32-3b,gospel_1 and brite1 (Benedikt Bogenhuber)'Allefare' a mix of 'Alleindu' and 'Fareast' (Benedikt Bogenhuber)'tg14125b' a mix by Joe Erdinger, Bayern.   Listen to parts of the final mix ...
tempo=100 unfinished bachlikea drum transformation of another Cavaterra file'Cage.mid', created by Thomas Thompson   a fareast feelingFunky bass & drums - Left the Yo Kubota Program like this !An impression of New Mexico by myself. KeyKit used. Created by an algorithmic program, Tony Wilkes 'Whistle' by  Ella Bat-Tsion -     A Winter Solstice by Casey Van Tieghem and friends at Res Rocket'Breeze' by Edgardo Solano'Breesalv' = a mix of 'Breeze' and 'Salvarmy' by Benedikt Bogenhuber 'Drift 106' by John Close
tempo=90 'Allein Du' created by the Yo Kubota Program   'Digflam' created by 'ORCHAOS', Ray Watson   'Orbit'  by  Kjell Karlsson, Sweden'Orbit 2 or December bells'  by  Kjell Karlsson, Sweden'Weightless'  by  Kjell Karlsson using Orchaos 'Quantum' (Oblivion program used)   Tangent 4511'Cool Moon' by Bob Van Belle using ORCHAOS  
tempo=80       Title (Templesong) should be obvious. I used KeyKit as the composer.   'Evaluation 7' by Tony Wilkes- - - -   Eval7 + some Band in a Box added !'Edgneric' by Edgardo Solano 'Homo Sapienter' by Edgardo Solano / Bob Van Belle
tempo=70          Created by an algorithmic program, Tony Wilkes'Happy Happy Joy Joy' by Casey Van Tieghem using A Musical Generator 'Jamming Orchestra' -  Yo Kubota Program.   'Yo at the seaside' - Left the Yo Kubota Program like this !  
tempo=60 'Sadness1' by Benedikt Bogenhuber, Austria   Dura Lex Sed Lex. Don't know anymore why I choose that title...KeyKit used.   'Castle Beach' by Marcus from 'Seastorm'  (Oblivion program used)'Pizza127'  (Oblivion 1.27 used)'Beyond' created with GINGERBREAD (Phil Thompson)Second mov.(andante) of A String Sextet, by Edgardo Solano      
tempo=50 a Richard Strauss-like theme heart of vibespeacefully an easy beat (out of the previous)   'Orchid'  (Oblivion 1.27 used)        
WHAT'S this table about?
Easy! YOU are going to fill it!
How to let your computer create files like these:
read on further down...
Listen to my mp3 files at IUMA !

= the first files my computer composed -  he just can't remember what program he used for it ...(!) 
= first generation, by others 
= a second generation file, it means: two or more files put together (and some tracks left out...) 
= transformations into drumfiles
= a file by Edgardo Solano, a regular visitor to this site

Classified according to the programs used: I suggest you DOWNLOAD(some of) these programs !

= using the MusiNum Program by Lars Kindermann ( it's free !

  stands for a file created by the multi facetted and free program called KeyKit, by Tim Thompson. 

Orchaos  an hybrid Composing Program written by Ray Watson (a limited version can be used for free

Gingerbread is a freeware composing program (based on fractals) by Phil Thompson.

*** Made with the New Quasifractal Composer (fantastic!)by Paul Whalley.
    (this program is unbelievable ... and free as well) - Try it ! 

This one's even better: "Tangent" , by the same developer, Paul Whalley. 
        For better guidance with this program: subscribe to the free mailing list at: the freeware version to join our activities!
       (the embedded soundfile you are hearing is composed with Tangent, then
     post processed in Jazz++)

= generated by the Yo Kubota Mandelbrot Program - to be used freely... 

  Chaos von Eschenbach is related to the previous one, but developed by Shiro Omagari. Freeware.

... and then also there's the FractMus(Fractal Music Program) by Gustavo Diaz-Jerez and it's ... free.

Richard II, with the aid of Oblivion  These files were created with the (free)Oblivion Programby 'Cynique'.

  My newest 'discovery': JAZZ++ ... freeware ... try it!

*** Composers' links ***

Tim's Atari Midi World:
Atari-Midi Mailing List:

So, send me your midi compositions - generated (!) by these sort of programs - and you'll get a link as well...) NO BAND IN A BOX STUFF PLEASE (here you missed the point...)


("... the amazing thing is, that all files published here are composed by the computer itself, without any human intervention ..." - The Gardener )

Send YOUR midi files here please 
(by attachment)
By the way, do you like my wallpaper?
...hope them people
at Geocities don't mind!
... read this well:
What kind of information could be useful to me - or to yourself - for later editing:
When you submit a file to this project, please try to give the following information about it: 
  • What program did you use to generate it ? Program writers like publicity for their (free) programs!
  • What was - if any - the chosen scale, and what root (key) was it built on ? For example, you used a pentatonic minor scale on the key of G ...What was the BPM value (beats per minute, commonly called the 'tempo') ?
  • Please fill in the name of the used GM (General Midi) Instruments in the 'track name' fields of the midi files (that is, when using an editor)
      ... THANKS for doing so. 


Q: What's the purpose?
A: Interactively making a 2001 sec during computer-music-composition, by using RANDOMIZING PROGRAMS only! We are giving ourselves one year time to complete the Y2K MIDI COMPOSITION...

 So, TAKE whatever sequences from the table (you know, right-click and then save to your HD), alter them in any way, add more channels to them, send me the altered files (or brand new ones, please) etc... Your sequences should (preferably) last NOT LONGER THAN 3 MINUTES !
Next, I will add them to the table ... that is, when I consider them to be good enough ... So, no pure techno please; it should go beyond that!

 Should I explain more? Then How?         Otherwise: start working. Good luck to us all!

The green balls   are MIXES of two other files in the table! They proof that editing is really possible. All you got to do is to make the tempi equal (by use of any editor, then copy and paste or merge tracks together... scales should 'fit' though... do some transposition if they don't).
As other examples, the yellow buttons   show how easy it is to TRANSFORM any of these files (or any of your selfmade randomized files) to a DRUM FILE: just link all of the tracks used, to CHANNEL N°10 ... and it's done !!!!!!!!!

What else can you need ?

- For instance, a simple midi editor  such asMusic Sculptor 
  This simple editor/sequencer enables you to open the created compositions, end edit its tracks, change 
  instruments, change pitches and volumes and so on. 

- You may find only 1 track (???) when opening your composition in an editor. Pretty annoying ! 
  It means the file has been saved in the midi 0 standard ... It is possible to convert it to the midi 1 standard, 
  thus extracting this 1 track into the original ones: Use theMIDI Tool Box  with the midi0to1 utility ! 

- Even more tools you get in thegnmidi program by Günter Nagler. Shareware: registration for 
  40 DM, including a floppy disk with newest version. Very handy. 

- Some musical knowledge may be useful !!!  Read some music theory ... 
  As an example: it is good to know that the A minor scale produces the same notes as the C major scale ...
  (and the minor scale on root E consists of the same notes as the major scale on G, and so on...)

Sign guestbook ? ... (Eventually view the guestbook ?)

Now SEND YOUR midfiles this way (by attachment) please

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