Euh ...
... about that 'soundscape'...
... how is it done ?
There is, among so many other music generating programs, one that
specifically uses DATA of many kinds to extract music from ...
(fractals, numbers, text, you name it...)

Well, it can also CONVERT BITMAPS INTO MUSIC (!!!)

The program is called 'A Musical Generator' (version 2.0)
I'm not envolved in it (except that I'm a user now), it's shareware (!)
and you can download it from here:
'A Musical Generator'
So, this is the moment to download and install it

Open one of your Terragen pictures in Paintbrush (or whatever program that allows you to make rectangular selections).Select and copy (in order to paste a BIT later) a part of your Terragen picture that is representative for the whole, f.i. in my examplesomething like this:
(it's in your clipboard now) 

*REM it might as well be the fractal or DEM that you used for creating your Terragen terrain! Anyway, I feel that there should be SOME correlation ...

Return to the Musical Generator (see the screendump below)
Be sure to be in the Data input mode (idem)
With the mouse over the big white frame on the left, and using the right mouse button, PASTE IN the bitmap you just copied... it appears as a triplet of a red, a green and a blue partly filled square (representing a 'vector') to be used as an input parameter.

Activate the first Channel, and accord an instrument to it by double clicking and so on ...

Now DRAG one of these 'vectors' into the buttons that initially show
Notes, Duration, Speed or Time. (Start with Notes f.i.and make the best choise out of the 3 squares)

Listen to what you got so far ... Next alter the tempo, the measure characteristics, the tone scales (very important for the moods, together with the instruments chosen).

And so on ... experiment!

Finally, when you're satisfied with your 'Soundscape', save it as a MIDIFILE which you EMBED into your picture's webpage (I hope you can do that?)

SUCCESS with it ... hope to 'hear' from you ...
... and why wouldn't you - as a promising 'young' composer,
join my Y2K Random Music Project
(click on the conductor at the bottom of this page)


Back to the first scene ... Download 'A Musical Generator 2.0'  HERE (shareware)  Not yet ...
And join the  Random Music for Y2K Project  for fun ... I know that YOU!  can do it

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