The following individuals have no knowlege of authentic Native American spiritual practices. Please join with our Native American Brothers and Sisters in BOYCOTTING these unscrupulous frauds:





Adamski, John

Aleshire, Peter: Author or Warrior Woman

Alford, Clifford Fake Cherokee medicine man he was living in Las Cruces, NM and teaching at Dona Anna Community College, but now he's in Organ NM. He claims to be the "ceremonial leader" for the Dancing Bear Band of the Yunsai Medicine Society and falsely claims to be a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee.
Sir Clifford Alford

American Indian Heritage Foundation

Amylee Swartz She claims to be an Iroquois medicine woman and mostly preys on white feminists in the Great Lakes area. Her mom, Evelyn, runs a Lynn Anderson Sisterhood of the Shields group in Ohio.

Anderson, Wallace Madbear

Anderson, William Scott AKA Blue Otter, AKA Runningbull, AKA Strongeagle, AKA Prophecykeeper Etc. Etc. host of prophecykeepers radio

Andrews, Lynn

Andrews, Ted

Antonette, Rev. Josiane The 'Reverand' Josiane Antonette now calling herself Zia Josiane Antonette contemporary Corsican Shaman

Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia

Arcadea's Native American Spirituality

Arthur "Medicine Eagle" Sonier (real name: Paul Stephen McCullough )

Atwood, Mary Deer or Mary Dean

Avila, Elena (author of Woman who glows in the dark )

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Badger Woman's Web A real flim flam artists trying to get sympathy for cancer with a fake 501 3 C Native Sun Enterprises

Banta, Gordon

Barlow, Bernyce

Baxter Gordon, Meagh Ruth

Bear Heart (The as-told-to book, not the man)(AKA Marcellus Bear Heart Williams)
Bearheart Vision Quests

Bear Toe CornerForum run by Wolf Moon Dancer and RavenHawk

Bear, Wabun or Wabun Wind associated with Sun Bear AKA Vincent LaDuke

Bearded Wolf see also

Bearhawk, Ken AKA Ken Cohen (see Naropa Institute) author of Cohen, author of Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native radio interview

Bear's Den Twinkie forum

Bear Visions

Beautiful Painted Arrow AKA Joseph Rael

Beebe Hill, Ruth In one review of her book, Hanto Yo, "Le ahwablezaki, wasicu winyanki, Ruth Beebe Hill, Lakotaki nimkte lela bo-ton-ton na iktomi heca. translation - I observe that the white woman, Ruth Beebe Hill, confuses the Lakota lifeway and seems to embodythe "legendary practical jokester."
Review of Hanta Yo Beebe Hill is also discussed by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn in "Why I Can't Read Wallace Stegner and Other Essays: A Tribal Voice"

Bernadette Foundation, spritiual retreats in Mt. Shasta California now called Matters of the Spirit

Berry, David Wendle

Bigheart, Carl The Bigheart Foundation teaches shape-shifting in the Netherlands and Belgium

Black Elk, Wallace

Black Lightning Lodge

Blue Eagle - disciple of Oh Shinna Fastwolf - claims to be Cherokee and sells liquid smudge on ebay.

Blue Otter Earth Mother Crying He rund Prophesy Keepers radio where you can hear a number of frauds selling books interviewed.

Blue Snake Lodge - They were exposed in this Wired Magazine article

Blue Wolf, Leonard


Brandi, John

Brent, Carolyn AKA Cayelin K Castell - Shamanic Astrology Staff Faywood Hot Springs

Brant, Valerie

Buck Ghost Horse and family Avis Little Eagle criticizes him in the Lakota Times Paul Ghost Horse seems to be taking over the family business

Butterfly Deer Woman AKA Zan Benham

Buffalo Hand (real name: Ann Williams Fitzgerald)

Byant-Guynup, Page

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Cady, Jim

Cagle, Nathan Windwalker

Campbell, Heather Moon Owl

Canavan, Donna Ralstin-Lewis

Canavan, Edward Cobb

Carhoota Cornplanter

Caring Center International

Carson, David

Carter, Forest (AKA Asa Earl Carter)

Castaneda, Carlos

Casto: Seven Arrows

Center for Life Passages

Centro de Amistad

Chadwick, Dorothy (AKA Callingcrow MorningStar, AKA Jeannie Chadwick, AKA Calling Crow

Chadwick, AKA Calling Crow Kogvhyaniha, AKA Turtle Woman Morningstar, AKA Evening Rain, AKA Svhyeyi Aga, AKA Svhyeyi Aga Ayanadi Koga Trish Hopkins (AKA Dreamwalker, AKA Crys The Tears, AKA buffalowoman aka Evening Rain AKA Svhyeyi Aga, AKA Svhyeyi Aga Ayanadi Koga )

Champney, Alan (AKA Spotted Wolf)

Charest, Ray

Chasing Horse, Joe

Cherokee Lee

Cherokee Visions

Cheshire, Katherine (AKA "Dep See Mana)of Touch the Earth Foundation

Chickamauga or Western Cherokee and William Anderson

Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer

Chief Red Hawk AKA Ed Laughry

Chief Redjacket (AKA Anthony Miller)

Chief Running Buck Buford

Chipps, Godfrey Chipps

Church of the Tantra

Chuluaqui Quodoushka

Clan Mother Sunray

Clock, Reverend Anne

Cloud Lee, Dr Scout

Cloutier, David

Cook, Moffitt Shaman

Crow-Cherokee Tribe

Cruz, Eagle (AKA Weston Aguila Cruz) of the Naropa Institute (University of Creation Spirituality)

Crystal Visions, Star Walking: Shamanic Practices for walking into the Night Sky Dancers of the Sacred Circle

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Dances with Power Animals

Dancing Thunder, Chief

Dancing with the Wheel

David Swallow, Jr

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society

Dewing, Rolland

DeWinter, Jon Standing Eagle

Dianne Nightbird (founder of Deer Tribe Metis Medicne Society)

Don Miguel (AKA Sixth Sun)

Dowd, Duryea Lea

Dream Change Coalition

Dreamwalker, Tony

Dupree, Suzanne AKA Looking Back Woman

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Eagle Lodge Center

Eagle Owl Commitment

Eagle Walking Turtle (real name: Gary McClain)

Eaglebear Maez, Morgan

EagleFox, Susan

Eagleheart, Carole

Eakins, Pamela

Earth Circle Association

Earth Thunder

Earth Wise Journeys

Ed McGaa (AKA Eagle Man)

Ehama Institute

Ewe Tribe

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Fastwolf, O'Shinnah (AKA Penny McKelvey)

Fein, Judith

Fire Lamedeer, Archie

FireHair Shining Spirit (real name: Sheila Spencer Stover)

Firewalk Institute of Research and Education

Fitzgerald Ann Williams (AKA Lodge Sister Buffalo Hand)

Fitzpatrick, Brid

Flight of the Eagle, Light of the Moon

Fort Mojave

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Four Quarters an Interfaith Sanctuary of Earth Religion

Fowler, Gene

Fox Fire Institute of Shamanic Studies

Freesoul, John Redtail

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Gehloff, Paula Kay

Ghost Horse,Paul and Ghosthourse, Buch Avis Little Eagle criticizes him in the Lakota Times Paul Ghost Horse seems to be taking over the family business

Ghost Wolf, Robert (real name: Robert Franzone)

Golden Eagle (real name: Dawn Lynn McBroom)

McBroom, Sky (real name unknown)

Golden Eagle Vision Quests

Goodblood, Tim Walking Bear

Goodman, Warren

Grandma Chandra

Grandma Tywiah Hurd Nitsch

Grandmother Two Bears

Great Turtle Mystery Schools

Grey Wolf (real name: Robert B. Bancroft)

Grey Wolf, Alan

Griffin, Sheila

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Halliwel, Tanis

Hannagan, Carol

Happy Bear, Jeff

Hardin, Mark W.

Hardin, G.W. - New Age missionary promoting thinly veiled form of esoteric Christianity as indigenous

Hawkings, Holly Blue

Hay, Harry "Duchess" - leader of the "Two Spirit" movement invented fakelore about white homosexuals being sacred in Pueblo culture. He was actually kicked off a Pueblo reservation for his astonishing disresepect.

Healing Paths Workshops

Herron Wind, Linda

Highwater, Jamake (real name Markoupoulis)

Hill, Ruth Beebee

Medicine Crow (real name Carrol Holloway)

Hollaway, Carrol (a.k.a. "Medicine Crow")

Hopkins, Frank Denounced by Vine Deloria as a fake.

Hrae Wind, Debra

Hubert, Jeannie Carrier of Ojibway Water Rites

Hull Michael

Human Circle of Life

Hunbatz Men AKA Cesar Mena Tota - Mexican janitor claims to be a Mayan elder associated with Jose Aquelles.

Hyatt, Dave

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Ice, Gerald AKA Bill Ice

Icechief's Cyber-Reservation

Inner Journeys

Inner Wisdom

Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies

International Institute for Transformation

Istan, Ku - claims to be an Apache Medicine woman. Sells sweat lodges in Southern Arizona

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Jhankri & Nele

Jubelirer, Lauren teaches Shamanic astrology,planetary complexes training and how to activate your Light Codes near Tucson, Arizona

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Kalumnu (real name: Cam Huard)

Katana Edge Leadership Program

Kanucas Littlefish

Kavasch, E. Barrie (Drum Midwife)

Drum Midwife (real name: Barrie E. Kavasch)

Khow, Vida

Kinney, Scarlett

Kokopelli Ranch

Ku Istan Falsely claims to be Apache and runs for profit sweat lodges in Tucson, AZ

KUDZU Two Spirit Shamanic Counseling

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LaClaire, Willia

Lamdeer, ‘Chief’ Archie Fire

Laughing Otter Woman AKA Karen Kraus AKA Lightning Spirit

Laughing Waters (real name: Mary Helen)

Laurence Henry's Native Page

LeClair, Willie

Lee, Dr Scout Cloud

Letterman, Lloyd

Lightning Horse, Manuela

Little Deer (real name: Maribeth Theisen) Little Deer Music and Seminars

Little Shop of Auras - Bethalto, IL 62010

Little Sun, Roy

Little Thunder, Beverly

Lodge Sister Always Evolving (real name: Andrea Fiore)

Lodge Sister AriesDragonFire (real name: Elizabeth Kyle)

Lodge Sister Badger Willow Horse (real name: Kathleen Hanna)

Lodge Sister Buffalo Hand (real name: Ann Williams-Fitzgerald)

Lodge Sister Butterfly Wolf (real name: lissaruth and/or Elizabeth Cibrowski )

Lodge Sister Cougar Heart (AKA Cheyenne aka Spirit Dove)

Lodge Sister Crystal RavenWolf (real name: Sandra Pinedo)

Lodge Sister Frost Maiden (real name: Joann Reardon)

Lodge Sister Kerrybear (real name: Kerry Ann Meireis)

Lodge Sister Turtleheart (AKA Marguarite Elspeth aka Patty Bouse aka Patrice aka Patricia Beil aka Oldone aka C.O.W. aka Elly akd Glenda ... aka ad infinitum)

Lodge Sister Weave Woman (real name: Dixie Llewellyn)

Lone Eagle, Guy

Longworth, Kim E.

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Maez, Morgan Eaglebear Many warning from Fort Sill Chiricahua Apache have been sent out about Maez.

Mails, Thomas

Manataka, 'Standing Bear' Moore

Many Nations

Manyfeathers - Native American Herbs and Their Usage

Marin Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

Mason, Julia

Mason, Richard (a.k.a.Crazy Bear real name: Richard Mason)

Mason, Richard Crazy Bear

Mason, Julia

Matchen, Sandra Whispers in the Wind Website

Mato Wakan (AKA Sacred Bear)

May, Karl (Hitler’s favorite author)

McBroom, Dawn Lynn (AKA Golden Eagle)

McCullough, Steven - claims to be Shawnee and runs Newage Sundances

McGaa, Ed Eagle Man

Meadows, Kenneth

Medicine Eagle, Arthur Sonier

Medicine Eagle, Brooke (real name: Brooke Edwards) http://www.medicine See the open letter from AIM Ashville

Medicine Story AKA Francis Talbot AKA Manitonquat

Medicine Wheel Tribe

Mehl-Madrona, Lewis

Melodia, Robert (AKA Robert Wolf Teacher AKA Sungmanitu Tanka)

Meshu Peshu Productions

Michael Harner, Michael

Monroe, Jerry (Binary tribe)

Moon Dance, Wolf

Moon Lodge Visions

Morgan, Marlo

Morningsky, Robert

Mother Earth Adventures

Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreats and Healing

Mulligan, Crysalis associated with Sun Bear

My Two Beads Worth

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N.O. Walker, Bertrand

Namaste Retreat Center

Nanish Shontie

Naropa Institute (University of Creation Spirituality)

Native American Tarot Cards and Medicine Cards

Native First Nations Spirituality

Native Hearts Forum

Neeshanha (real name: Kat Lonergan)

New Age Esoteric Web Link

New York Shamanic Circle

NightEagle's Website

Northern Edge Algonquin


Noya, Robin - Male Shamanic Sweat Lodges

Nufer, Wabun

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Ocali Intertribal

Ocklawaha Band Of Yamassee Seminole Indians

Ojai Foundation of California

Oklawaha Band of Seminole Indians

Olinger, Christine White Raven

Omega Institute

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Pa Ris Ha (White Buffalo Society)


Paine, Chief Ray Rainbow Fox

Pale Moon, Princess (real name: Rita Ann Suntz)

Palmer, Selma Palmer

Parisha of the Yunsai society

Path of the Feather

Pelli People

Persona Triumph

Peruvian Whistle Vessels

Piqua Press

Pope, Carmen Sun Rising

Pope,Grace Spotted Eagle

Pope, Mala Spotted Eagle

Practical Spirit Keeping

Princess Pale Moon

Prophecykeepers Radio

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Prophecykeepers Radio

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Radical Faerie group - Manitou Woods Retreat in Louisianna Rael, Joseph E.

Rainbow Eagle (real name: Roland Willston)

Rainbow Eagle Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher

Rainbow Family

Rainbow Medicine Lodge (run by Jan and Peridot)

Rainbow Medicine Lodge

Rapp, Don aka Bluesnake Lebanon, Ohio. He calls himself the "chief of theEastern Shawnee" and conducts seminars on Indian spirituality for America Online.

Rau, Diantha Ann Arbor, Michigan

Raven Wing, Josie

Ravenfire Follow the

Healing Path

RavenFire Newsletter

Ravens Raith MSN group

Reagan, Harley Swiftdeer

Red Elk (real name unknown)

Red Hawk (real name:Charlie Thom) spiritual leader of Karuk Nation.

Red Hawk Woman AKA Christine ?

Red Indian Productions

Redjacket, Chief (real name: Anthony Miller AKA Gerald W. Halfhide, Sr. AKA Winged Foot)

Redstar, Nancy

Remnant Nation of Indigenous Tribal Peoples (AKA FireHairs)

Rendon, David (AKA Medicine Eagle)

Roaming Red Wolf's Den

Roffe, Dr. Randall D. C. creator of the Native American Astrological Medicine Wheel Roger Clark, "Eaglewolf

Rolling Thunder

Wovoca website

Rose Mountain Retreat Center

Roulette, Ken

Running Wolf, Ven.

Rutherford, Leo

Rutledge, Don

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Sacred Bear aka Mato Wakan

Sacred Fire

Sacred Journeys

Sage Men's Circle

Sams, Jamie

Sarkis, Helen

Schiavi, Brooke (AKA Brookie Craig AKA Brookie Mae Miller AKA Brookie Hogue-Craig-Knudsen-Pendleton AKA Brooke Morton AKA Brooke Hedman AKA Brekah AKA Tsalagi Woman AKA Spirit Mother AKA Spirit Dancer AKA Dancer of the Spirits of the Great Tsalagi Nation, western band of the wolf clan with crow medicine AKA Brooke Hogue AKA Brooke Miller AKA Brooke Medicine Eagle Craig Schiavi)

Schiavi, Steve

Schneider, Margaret M Inner Shaman: Journey Through Darkness into Light

Scott Joe (Four Quarters Interfaith Sancutary)

Sebastian, Matt

Seneca Seers Homepage

Seven Star Lodge

Shadow's Way


Shaman Neeshanha (real name: Kat Lonergan) Bear Visions

Shaman Speaks

Shamanic Fellowship

Shamanic Practitioners

Shamanism, Star Medicine

Shaman's Gold

ShamanSpeaks Cyber Community


Shearer, Tony

Shooting star, Sparky

Silent Eagles Haven

Silver Bear, David

Simone, Lorraine

Simos, Miriam (AKA Starhawke or Starhawk)

Sitting Sun, Chief

Sitting Sun, Chief

Sizemore, Sam

Sky Walking Stick Man Alone

Smith, David Two Wolves

Smith, Robert White Wolf

Smokey Mountain Vision Quest Adventures

Snow Bear Dreaming AKA Lou Brunato

Snyder, Gary

Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Soft Shell Turtle, Chief

Solemn Gifts

Southeast Cherokee Confederacy

Southeast Cherokee Confederacy

Southern Cherokee Nation

Speaking Wind

Spirit Earth Path

Spirit Steps Tours

Spirit Tarot

SpiritSong Center Workshops (Bedford MA) Shawna Carol

Spotted Eagle Pope, Mala

Spotted Eagle, Douglas

Spring Rain

St. Columba Retreat Center: Deb Ford

Standing Bear Center for Shamanic Studies

Star Spider Dancing

Starflyer (AKA Lyn Hopkins, M.S.W., Ph.D.)

Starhawke (AKA Miriam Simos)

Stedman, Myrtle

Steevenz, Roy 'Little Sun'

Steiger, Brad

Hyemeyohsts Storm

Stover, Sheila Spencer Stover (AKA FireHair AKA Shining Spirit AKA FireHair Shining Spirit )

Straight Arrow, Francine

Summer Rain, Mary

Sun Bear (AKA Vincent LaDuke)

Sunrise Retreat Center of Arizona

Swallow, David Jr.

Swallow, Richard

Swallow, Tim

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Takemoto, Greg

Tate, Randy

Tatro, Stephen

Tecumseh's Dream

TeePee Dreams

Tequaecshe, Art (AKA Chidester, Art)

Tera Mater International

Terra Mater

The Ohatchee Cherokee Tribe of New York & Alabama Long Hair Clan

The Ohatchee Cherokee Tribe of New York & Alabama Long Hair Clan

Theisen, Maribeth (AKA Little Deer)

Thirteen Grandmothers (Dixie Lewellyn's AKA Weavewoman's group)

13 Grandmothers (

Threehawks, Marrion Dwayne

Thunder Medicine Eagle AKA Bethlehem Taylor

Thunder Strikes (AKA Swiftdeer, Harley Reagan)

Thunder Strikes (AKA Harley SwiftDeer Reagan)

Thunder Warriors

Thunder Wolf, John AKA John Ardagh

Thunder, Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth Thunder

Torres, Marilyn Omifunke

Touch the Earth

Tribal Voice

Trishuwa (Real name unknown)

Troge, Jeanne Marie Jeanne Marie Troge

Trueblood, Sequoyah - a white man who started impersonating an Indian right after he got out of prison. Rumors of sexual misconduct with young female members were posted on various bbs and removed after lawsuits were threatened.

Turtle Island Worm Band

Turtleheart AKA Marguerite Elsbeth possibly Jayne Hitchcock

Turtleheart School of Shamanic Spirituality

Two Bears Standing, Randy and ShaunaSay Whitefeather Tate

Two Bears Standing, Randy and ShaunaSay

Whitefeather Tate, Andover, MD residents,

Two Feathers, Manny

Two Feathers, William

Two Runs the Prophet

Twobirds, John

Two-eyed woman's look (AKA Numpa Ista AKA Nikki Young)

Twylah (Grandmother Twylah)

James Twyman (

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Unatselidv Unadotlvhi Tsalagi Natio

Utterback, Tom

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Venus Rising Shamanic Healing Arts Center

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Wabun Wind

Wah'oo Jade (AKA Jade Grigori)Star Knowledge Camp Sedona, Arizona

Wahls, Maggie

Wala Yelloweyes

Walker, Christopher

Walking Stick Foundation

Walking Stick Foundation Jewish twinkies - Kam Night and Chase Lau claim to be Lakota pipe carriers

Wambdi Wicasu (Deer Man) calls himself a 'Dakota shaman.'

Wa-Na-Nee-Chees web site

Wandering Grey Wolf Woman

Waterhawk, Don Two Eagles

Waterspirit, Regina

Watkins, Katherine

Watkins, Sr. Katherine

Weapons Page

Weatherford, Jack

Wendl Berry, David

Whispers in the Wind Website

White Buffalo Society (Pa Ris Ha)

Whitecrow, Linda

White Crystal Feather

White Dove's Medicine Lodge

White Eagle

White Eagle Holistic Healing Center

White Eagle Holistic Healing Center

White Eagle

White Elk Woman AKA

White Star Eagle

White Raven Calling AKA Linda Berry

White Wolf (AKA Chuck Storm)

White Wolf (AKA Robert Smith)

White Wolf (AKA Robert Smith)

White Wolf's Native Medicine

Whitecloud, April

Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge

Wilson, Roy and the Medicine Wheel Tribe

Williams, Marcellus Bear Heart

Williams-Fitzgerald, Ann (AKA Buffalo Hand)

Wilson, Joseph Bearwalker

Wilson, Roy

Wind Walker, Azure AKA Linda Kiry

Wind, Wabun

Wind Wolf Woman

Windwalker Shaman

Winged Foot AKA Gerald W. Halfhide

WisdomKeeper • spirituality and meditation email list

Witch/Pagan Resources Native American Spirituality

Wolf Moondance

Wolf Moondance

Wolf Moondance Seven Star Lodge

Wolf's Den

Wood, Nick

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XAT Medicine Society

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Yellowbird, Adam

Yellowhand, Steven

Yellow Horse Man, Peace Elder


Youngbird, Marilyn

Yunsai Society

Ywahoo, Dhyani

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Note: Some of these unscrupulous individuals may have obtained tribal enrollment status, by fraud or deception. Nevertheless, they know nothing about authentic Native American spiritual practices and are NOT entitled to teach anyone how to be a medicine person and/or shaman.

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[email protected]

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