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Transcripts and board posts are listed by month, starting with the current -or last updated- month and counting down. The number after the title of the tranny/post is the date on which it was played or posted. Not every tranny is saved. In such a case that the tranny before was not saved and important information would be missing, a summery or setup text has been added to the top of the transcrpit.

October 2000

September 2000

August 2000

What is The Meaning of This Outrage! August 21 ( club post by Karandora )
Huh? *Blink, Blink* August 23 ( club post by Kayos )

Walking and Thinking August 10 ( club post by Karandora )

Is Relaxing For the Moment August 10 ( club post by Tal'Ra Star )

Is Getting Bored August 5 ( club post by Kayos )

July 2000

Meanwhile, in the Bad Lands July 14 ( club post by Lance )

June 2000

Don't Mind Me, Just Doing my Job June 14 ( club post by Kayos )

A Lazy Day in The Castle June 13 ( club post by Karandora )

May 2000

Get That Girl! May 29 ( club post by Reddrick )

April 2000

March 2000

Febuary 2000

January 2000

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