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Year: Spirit
Month: Evil's Coruption
Day: 8

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  Introduction to Nepherasta

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Nepherasta is story role play. It's not as confusing as it may at first seem, don't get intimidated by the amount of information and feel free to ask if you have any questions. Your characters are not limited by what you find here. You can make up places for your background story. New ideas just have to be submitted first. Any rules or regulations are there to keep things fair, not to force everyone to stick to one personís ideals. Many of our guidelines are still in the making, so it might be helpful to read what you can find and then ask Kehle about the rest.

This is a story-rp for those that don't like power characters committing room kills, or newbs dodging every attack in the book.


Tuesday, October 29, 7007 -
  • Updated the Timeline again to show almost everything. Sometimes I get lazy and if no date was offered on a thread I don't list it.
  • We've been skipping newsletters all summer, not sure if anyone reads them, so not sure if anyone noticed. I'll probably resume sending them pretty soon, as we've got a couple of new plots in the works.
  • The Adventure is finally over and the Ra'Mir got the stone. This means The Oracle is going to stay locked up for the time being. This also means that Nick Corwin and Teran Ramezkie will probably return home soon.
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