This web site is mostly used to provide assistance to people in regards to the Neopets TCG. Most of my postings were done on POJO's Neopets Site, but now I write for through a differet medium... ;)
If you send me an Email, I'll do what I can to assist with any questions. As time goes by, I'll try to add a little more content to the site, however, my html programming skills are quite minimal.

Unofficial News!

Haunted Woods tentative release date: ??? ??, 2006
Haunted Woods tentative release tournament: ??, 2006 (sorry to say, but it's unlikely to happen)
p.s. I will probably be at the following release tournaments if they ever do come back: ;)
My Parent's Basement in Manitowoc, WI
Gnome Games in Green Bay, WI

The following files contain cardlists for the Neopets TCG. They are currently updated as of May 11, 2005.
Zip file (.zip - contains .xls .csv & .txt) about 240k
Excel only (.xls) about 350k
Tab seperated (.txt) about 225k

The following sets are included:
Base Set
Battle for Meridell
Return of Dr. Sloth
Mystery Island
Hannah and the Ice Caves
Curse of Maraqua
2005 McDonald's Promos
Other promos

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