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L'Arc~en~Ciel Special 

 Special 01 + Product +  
Collection of all L'Arc product, either official or unofficial... we also have the not for sell stuff, souvenior from L'Arc live, special gift from buying their CD and a lot more.

 Special 02 + Trade +
Here is where you can trade ( exchange ) your stuff with the others, trading stuff can be anything you want either VDO, CD, MAGAZINE, GIFT, etc... just send us your list and rule, we will post it up as fast as possible ^_~

 Special 03 + Magazine +
There is TON of magazine that feature L'Arc~en~Ciel since 1992. It's pretty fun to see them all so we post them up as the collection according from the title of the magazine, you can also see pix inside of some issue too =)

 Special 04 + Fanclub +
Check out the information and pix from L'Arc~en~Ciel official fanclub magazine Ciel and Le-Ciel, we also post all the cover up here too ^_^

 Special 05 + ken Bonjour +
Bonjour L'Arc~en~Ciel is made by ken-chan for the monthly magazine, WHAT's IN? This column is very funny, ken-chan will lead us to the interesting place or create some interestinf stuff, he's just so cute~!!! >.<

 Special 07 + hyde's Self Portrait +
Self Portrait is made by hyde for the monthly magazine, R&R NewsMaker. This is the very interesting column, especially for hyde & L'Arc fan coz it's all hyde's idea ( I love to see how he think or say ar ^^ ) besides there's not only pix for this column, hyde also write some the beautiful poem for this column too ( sometimes it's just words or sentences but they all are so great and worth to see ^-^x )

 Special 08 + hyde's diary +  
This is hyde's column for the fanclub magazine, as the name of the column, it's hyde's diary so he wrote about the real event that happened to him and also L'Arc~en~Ciel... It's very cool to know more about them from hyde's point of view, eh?

 Special 09 + tetsu's press +  

 Both hyde and ken already have his own column in the magazine so it's te-chan's turn now !!! ( it's good to see him more often but my pocket money gonna gone with the wind... this magazine release twice a month ar T.T ) This column is in CD DATA magazine, there's lot of interesting trendy electronic stuff

 Special 10 + Advertise +
This section is for all advertisement, promotion stuff, poster, etc. I really like seeing all this stuff coz even though we can't see any L'Arc member in most of the pix at all but they always come up with the very great style, nice idea, cool graphic and so on...

 Special 11 + Comic +
The legend of L'Arc~en~Ciel in comic style. I have to agree with some of you that the graphic here isn't that great but isn't it cool to read it in comic style? I love it naa ^^ It's in Japanese but I did translate it to English for you already too ( although it's not done yet ^^ )

 Special 12 + Calendar +
Beautiful scanning pix from either official and unofficial calender of L'Arc~en~Ciel 

 Special 13 + Card +  
Sending L'Arc~en~Ciel e-card to your friend to make them happy in any occasion ( not only the receiver who happy getting it, I bet the sender like you will enjoy choosing pix, bg music and so on for them too ^-^x )

 Special 14 + Fanlist +
Here is where you can find more L'Arc friend either in or outside your area, it's very great having someone that has the same interesting thing with you to be your friend and talk with you, right? ^^ The list is arranged by the location of the sender to make it easier for you to find someone ^_~

 Special 15 + Other +  
There is a lot more about L'Arc~en~Ciel that not include in any other section such as ringtones, bandscores, webmaster's tips, etc... Let's check it out !!!



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