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This page is made for any of you who use icq and wanna change the look of it, it's pretty boring to have and use just only one skin, right? Let's change that normal simple skin to be our dearest L'Arc then ^_^ Once again, if you have created any skin, please don't hesitant to share it with us by send it to me at [email protected] you will be really appreciated from all of us ^__^

1.First of all, you need to have icq plus, you can download from HERE if you don't have it yet.
2.Download ICQ skin from here and keep it in
Drive C » Program files » ICQ plus » skin icq and click at + in
4.choose the name of skin that you wanna use, then double click - viola~!! ^o^

note : all skins in this page was made for icq 2000b

if you don't understand or still have problem with it, please feel free to mail me ^_~

Hyde #2 By : ANATA
Laruku #1 By : Cherry

Tetsu69 By : Dream
Tetsu Sexy man By : Dream
Hyde #1 By : Dream
Tetsu #1 By : Dream

Ken #1 By : Dream
Yukihiro #1  By : Dream


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