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This page contain lot of cool stuff I got from my friends ( some of them came from other site which I don't know exactly where coz it comes with the forward mail, I have to say thanx for the owner here, please contact me if you want me to put your name along with your work, I'll do it as fast as possible ^-^ ) I think all stuff here is quiet interesting for you guys, hope you like them =)

ICON <<instruction>> :: right click at the icon you want to take and then "save target as" you can save them anywhere you want but you need to remember where did you save it in order to use it, right click at the icon you want to change from your desktop, choose properties and then "change icon" click browse and go to the place you kept the icon and that's it!!! ^-^ ::

from official site


from Ogawao ( special thanx to )

hyde tetsu ken yukihiro


from Sandra

Flash file from ( special thanx to XieL, omega and chixx )


Game from ( special thanx to omega )


gif animation ( special thanx to Dunley )






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