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This page is the collection of back stage pix [ this is my favorite part, I would laugh & laugh & laugh everytime see this kind of pix coz they alway act so funny behind the scene, beside I feel like I can see the real them not just the perfect pix that they act for the camera, ne? ^^ ] OK let's see what they have to do before coming out as one cool magazine !

L'Arc~en~Ciel's Making Screen 

  20 Making of R&R NewsMaker - April 2002 NEW
  18 Back stage of Grand Cross Tour 1999
  17 Making of tetsu's press
  16 Making of official calendar 1999
  15 Making of Anemone PV
  14 B PASS and PATi PATi - November 1997
  13 Picture from R&R NewsMaker and B PASS 1998
  12 Back stage pix from TV show
  11 Picture from NTT CM Making
  10 R&R NewsMaker June 1999 / August 2001
  09 Picture from back stage of REALIVE 2000
  08 Picture from back stage of LIGHT MY FIRE 98
  07 Picture from back stage of Heavenly Tour 95
  06 Tomalaruku Competition
  05 Making of STAY AWAY PV
  04 Making of Ligth my fire VDO's CM
  03 R&R Newsmaker  2000/ Febuary, Octorber
  02 B-pass Magazine  2000/ August, Octorber 
  01 B-pass Magazine  1999/ June, December


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