Internet Shops

CD Now is the obvious one, but I'm pretty sure most of you have been there - Barafundle and Introducing are all they have. I've only tried some of them, but the person who gave me the list says their all reputable. Don't blame me if the deals go pear-shaped.


AB-CD (US, UK, New)
CD Bonzai (All countries, Expensive)
Gemm (US, misc)
Relevant (Rare, New UK, Japan special orders)
Secret Sounds (Stuff you can't usually get in the USA - EP's, etc. Quite a big choice - mail them if you can't see what you're          looking for)
Siren Disc (UK, New)


Breakdown Records (UK Rare, Live?) yes their prices are in US dollars but he is in europe or the UK.
HMV (UK New)
Map Records (UK, Promos)
Opal Music (UK, Rare)
Rough Trade (UK, New, Rare)
Vinyl Tap (UK, Rare)
NME Links


Back Trip (Japan, New)
CD Gold (Japan, Rare UK, Live)


Connected (US)
Metro Music (US)
Vinyl Vendors (US promos)
Norman Records (UK)


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