Customs in our House

Something that I started when my daughters were born was to give them an ornament every year for Christmas. These ornaments were theirs to place on the family tree every year. Other family members also started giving them ornaments as well. And there were the ones made in school too. When Tigger moved away two years ago, she had enough ornaments for her first Christmas tree. I also sent her a care package of lights and other holiday goodies that first year.

Pooh is getting ready to leave the nest also. She too will have a nice box of ornaments for her first tree. I continue to give them an ornament each year, and hope that they will carry on the tradition with their children.

Quite a few years back, I decided that I wanted to decorate in a way remeniscent of my youth--my grandmother always had a lighted village under the Christmas tree. While hers was cardboard, I wanted something a little 'more.' So, I started looking at ceramic bisque pieces to be painted. Still not finding what I was looking for, I stumbled across buildings and accessories made from gypsum with wonderful detail. This was it! The large Christmas tree was always adorned with the girl's ornaments and handmade ornaments, but I purchased a small 4' artificial tree to place on an upstairs table to hold the miniature ornaments I had been collecting and to display the tiny village of Mistletoe.

Holiday baking was always a favorite.
Many varieties of cookies were made and traded between friends and family.
Our cookie trays had something for everyone!

As a child, we decorated a real tree with large lights, silver icicles as well as hand-made and store-bought ornaments. Dad always set up the tree and did the lights. Then it was the kids turn to put the ornaments on. And then, painstakingly, one-by-one the icicles; each branch had to have ONE icicle! On top of our tree was a Santa topper that lit up. His beard was soft white 'hair.'
Santa now sits atop my brother's family tree in North Carolina.

Every year, I hope for a decent late November or early December day so that I can decorate the porch. Artificial greens are draped along the railing and my childhood metal runner sled is displayed, along with a basket of silk poinsettias.

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