Welcome to Mistletoe!

Mistletoe's name comes from a Harlequin Romance Novel, of all things!
Linda Randall Wisdom wrote "No Room at the Inn."

The Legend of Mistletoe Village

It is said that the month of December brings something very special to the sleepy New England countryside. Every year around Christmastime, a village appears where empty farmland stood. Certain selected people are drawn to this village for a reason unknown to them, and they stay for several days.

To the naked eye, it looks like your typical small town, with warm and friendly inhabitants inviting the visitors to join in their holiday festivities. But in the process, these visitors learn a great deal about themselves, and their lives are changed forever.

Unbeknownst to these people, something very strange happens to the little village of Mistletoe at midnight, December 26. The entire town shimmers into silvery shadows until it completely disappears, and the countryside is quiet and empty once more. The village residents wait quietly until the next tenth day of December arrives, when they can return to life and give another very precious gift -
an understanding of what Christmas and love are all about.

I keep the book packed with the village.

My village has grown over the years to include many buildings, people and stories. Each year, it takes a least a week to set up. And, each year a new building and accessory piece is added. I'm sure there will be some point where the paint brush will be put down, but not yet!

I've started a village for each of my daughters. They always enjoyed my village and I thought maybe they needed one of their own. So, each year they too receive a new building and accessory piece, whether it be a figurine, tree, lights or fence.

These villages are a labor of love. Except for the wrought iron fences and battery-operated lights, each piece is painted by yours truly and dated. Each village contains different buildings to complement our individual interests. Except we each have a Maple Sugar Factory. This piece was painted in 1995 in honor of my father who tapped the local sugar maple trees and made homemade maple syrup.

Every year I try to create a 'story' with my village. This is the 'country' corner of Mistletoe, which is reached by horse-drawn sleigh thru a covered bridge. Children sled, build snowmen, ice skate on the frozen pond. Nearby is a Christmas tree lot. The farmhouse is warm and cozy with hot cocoa on the stove and holiday cookies baking in the oven. There are mittens, scarves and boots lined up by the fireplace to dry.

Mistletoe is a quaint little town. There's a post office, fire house, general store, antique shop, church, schoolhouse and Christmas House, as well as a Victorian bed and breakfast and a train station tucked around the back. A water mill offers its mirrored reflection. All the buildings light up. The town square boasts a huge decorated and lit tree. The village is lit by 'gas' lamps, and nearby is a gazebo and carolers are singing.

These pictures were taken in 1993 and much has changed in Mistletoe since. I promise to take new pictures this year!

As promised, below are 1997 Mistletoe Village pictures.
See how the town has grown!

Don't forget to come back to Mistletoe next year
where there's always Christmas spirit, joy and love!

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