model chassis type model years

RWD/AWD models:
Altezza (Lexus IS) RWD 99-
Aristo (Lexus GS) ZS1 RWD,AWD 91-
Carina A1, A4, A6 RWD 70-85
Celica A1, A2, A4, A6 RWD 70-85
Celica Camry A4 RWD 80-82
Celica GT-4 ST165, ST185, ST205 AWD 87-
Celsior (Lexus LS) F1, F2 RWD 89-
Century ..., G4 RWD 67-
Corolla/Sprinter E1, E2, E3, E5, E7, E8 RWD 66-87
Corona ...,T7,T8,... RWD 57-85
Cressida/Mark II(/Chaser/Cresta) X*, X6, ???T7,???T8, RWD 68(77,80)-
Crown ...,S4, S5, S6, S8, S11, S12, S13, S14 RWD 54-
MR2 W1, W2 RWD-MID 84-
Progres (NC300/NC250) ? RWD 97-
Soarer (Lexus SC) Z1, Z2, Z3 RWD 81(91)-
Starlet ...,P6 RWD 73-83?
Supra  A4,A6,A7,A8 RWD 79-

FWD models:
Avalon FWD
Camry/Vista V FWD,AWD 82-98
Carina T16, ?T18, T19, ?T20 FWD,AWD 70-85
Celica T16, T18, T20 FWD 86-98
Corolla/Sprinter E8, E9,E10,... FWD,AWD 84-98
Corona T16,T18,T20 FWD 85-98
Curren FWD 94-98
Cynos FWD 91-98
Gracia FWD 98-
Prius FWD 98-
Scepter FWD 92-98
Sera FWD 90-98
Starlet P7, P8, P9 FWD 83?-98
Tercel/Corsa/Paseo L FWD 78-98
Windom (Lexus ES) FWD 91-98
Yaris FWD 99-

4Runner 4WD
Land Cruiser J4,J6 4WD
RAV-4 AWD 94-98

trucks and vans:
Caldina 92-98
Estima (= Previa?) R1,R2 4WD/RWD 91-98
Granvia 95-98



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