Not many People realized the advantages of the 472/500 big block Cadillac engines.
While I'm not an expert I do love this engine so I'll give my opinion as to why I think its a real winner. First let me be honest and say that the Cadillac engine is not for everybody. However as I see it there are a few applications where this boat anchor more than holds its own.
1. As high performance alternative engine: Weather its for track racing or running the weekend red lights, The Big cad can handle it.
2. As a durable work engine: that will work hard and serve you well for many miles. whether your talking about a tow rig a work truck or a Motor Home.
3. As  a 4x4 power plant: This is one area where the Cad really shines. Regardless of whether its in a truck a blazer or other sports utility, The cad engine powers a 4x4 like nothing else can.
When I built my first Cad engine I had so many unanswered  high performance questions about the engine that I didn't build it as well as i could have. Even after doing some research I still couldn't find all the answers. I thought I would combine what I did learn into this guide to building a Cadillac engine. Hopefully it will save someone the trouble I went too. I want this guide to be helpful whether you're rebuilding your current engine or starting with the prospect of buying a block and building it. So I'll also cover used engines, short blocks, long blocks and complete turn key engine options. Well also talk about high performance and after market parts, And look into different options for various applications.
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