The Caddy Engine Guide  
I'll try and get a new Chapter up every week
Introduction This Chapter is up

Why Build a Cadillac Engine? This Chapter is up

Engine Identification This Chapter is up

Finding a cad Engine This one will be next

Tearing the engine down

Machine work

Choosing Your Cam

Which Heads to use

About the Fuel system

Intake Options

Other options

Engine assembly

Which Oil Pan To use

Engine installation

Transmission Choices

Gearing for cad powered automobiles

Care and maintenance

Engine Specifications

Tips for Building a stroker

Tips building a towing engine

Tips for a 4x4 engine

A 500 hp package

Tips for building an all out racing engine

Tips for building a Max effort Pump gas engine.

Adding a blower to your Cad Engine

Nitrous Oxide & the Cad 500

The 472

The 425

Cadillac Engine Faq.

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I hope you have found this Cad engine guide Useful. If you need some information that I don't plan on covering Just drop me an email. If you have some helpful tips that I have over looked " and or corrections" please email them to me as well. This is an on going effort I'm constantly looking to improve it.  

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