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 All Vignale Ferrari's consist of very many body-panels that form themselves to the Ferrari-chassis that is underneath it. In some cases this resulted in different cars although the same chassis-model was used.

Almost all designs originate from Giovanni Michelotti and were built in aluminium.


[MM stands for Mille Miglia; TF for Targa Fiorio]

built in:
Name:# Produced:
1950 166 Inter Vignale Coupe9
1950 166 MM Vignale Coupe1
1950195 Inter Vignale Coupe12
1951212 Inter Vignale Coupe31
1951212 Inter Vignale Cabrio6
1951212 Export Vignale Cabrio2
1951212 Export Vignale Coupe8
1951212 Export Vignale Spider3
1951340 Amerika Vignale Berlinetta5
1952225 S Vignale Berlinetta5
1952225 S Vignale Spider14
1952250 S Vignale Berlinetta1
1952340 Mexico Vignale Berlinetta3
1952340 Mexico Vignale Spider1
1952340 America Vignale Coupe4
1952340 America Vignale Spider6
1952342 America Vignale Cabrio1
1953166 MM Vignale Berlinetta3
1953166 MM Vignale Spider6
1953250 Europa Vignale Coupe3
1953250 MM Vignale Spider13
1953340 MM Vignale Spider5
1953375 America Vignale Coupe3
1953625 TF Vignale Coupe1
1953625 TF Vignale Spider2
1953250 Europa GT Vignale Coupe1
1953375 America Vignale Coupe3
1953375 America Vignale Spider1
1968330 Vignale Stationwagon1

Many thanks to Albrecht Heinrici for the information on this page!


1968 Vignale Ferrari 330 Stationwagon


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