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Our car news bulletin, was issued for first time in 1963, in a very
simple guise and poor as regards information.
Since that time, we have tried to improve it, doing something more,
but we think we failed our object.

We have the deep-rooted feeling to have neglected many sound argu-
ments, in such a way as to fail the main purposes of the bulletin.

To err is human, says an old proverb, and we think that time taught
us something, above all in the specific field of public relations.

« We wish to be better known » is the title given to this number of
our bulletin.
It is a complete programme (and very wide too) We want to carry
out in a clear and detailed way'.
We invite therefore our kind friends to dwell with us, upon this
friendly conversation.

Press service and P.R. Vignale


We are very happy for our friends' visits, so we say, come in please
to all those who have not yet come to see us. Come in, please.
Our factory welcomes you and we are really glad to receive and take
you inside.

People says that it is comfortable, but you only have the right to
express an unobjectionable opinion about it.

We can only say, by your leave, that it has been built piece by piece,
lovingly and with many sacrifices...

Now you are inside, and your natural curiosity needs a satisfaction.
On the left, as you can see, there are our offices (Purchasing, Mana-
gement, Sales) and upstairs, for the moment, there is a file.
Probably you are not interested in these things, so it will be better
to go on.

We want to show you the meeting room, where you can sec the cups
and prizes of the various competitions.

The most desired trophy is probably the one of «Mille Miglia» of
the far years 1951-52-53; also the «Mercurio d'Oro 1968» deserves your

If you like, you can look at the photographs on the walls which
contain, they too, many memories.

As you can sec, it is a gallery of persons (customers and friends)
from the motor-races field the artistic one and, at last, to the royal sphere.

And now let us visit the factory itself.

In 1961 it was not yet so big and we can say we have finished to
build it only during these days.

Here in the central shed, there are the assembly lines of the
following cars:

- FIAT 500 roadster model - 2 seats «Gamine» with a 10 units output per day
- FIAT 850 special model - Berlina, 4 seats with a 16th units per day
- FIAT 124 « EVELINE » model, 4 seats, with an 8 cars output per day
- FIAT 125 « SAMANTHA » model, 4 seats, with a 2 units per day.
To this output, we must add the various model we build for Mase-
rati's factory in Modena (4 doors and Mexico 5000) which reach 6/8
cars per week.
Let us continue together the visit and we sec, in front of us, the oleo-
dynamic working presses.

They are gigantic machines that carry out an enormous work, in
fact, their work, produces all the forming dies of various plated parts
for the assembling of our models.

It is no more the nostalgic time of manual labour progress wants
his share.

Beside the 600 metric tons giants, there are the mechanical presses
not less important even if lighter.
Let us go for another little walk (actually not too little) and we
reach the assembling of raw bodies and it is just there that the little
«Gamine» is originated.

We are glad to see that you are interested in this visit and we ask
you to dwell upon this little car.

Since the car frame reaches the line, after few operations, you can
see the car taking shape and coming out finished, you might not have
believed it before, now, on the contrary, you can say you have seen a

We have left as last cycle the painting one, which is perhaps the
most complicated and complete cycle.

Instead of boring you with a description of alt the operations which
are a lot... (plate pickling, sound deadner, primer sprying, body cooling,
baking, stopper overhauling, etc.) we leave everything to your imagi-
nation in this fancy and unreal world.

It seems to be in fact in a spatial complex where the electronic push-
buttons are not certainly missing.

Here the bodies are still going on the ground and they arise in to
the air only in stated moments.

We also have inside a little chromium-plating department which
satisfies over 50 per cent of our needs, but this place is secret, owing
the chemical combinations.

In another special department we work the synthetic resin, parti-
cularly suitable for drive shafts cover, instrument panel, arm rest, etc.
The actual area is about 40.000 square metres and the covered sur-
face is about 32.000 metres. ~
The visit to our factory is at the end, but we can keep talking as
good friends.

If you like, we can go to our inter-business «dopolavoro», where
for our subordinates, there is a buffet service, billiard room and
bowls game.
We are in the open country and the green of the meadows and the
air make us more effusive and eager of confidences.

Our owner too, comes to spend some hours among his workmen,
after an exhausting day, spent in the factory.

In front of us, the oleodynamic working presses.


You may be interested in this story and we satisfy you with pleasure.

One day, Comm. Vignale thought to meet young people's wishes a
little car, thirties style, but seen with the eyes of present time.
The idea seemed to be good and the necessary chassis, could not be
but that one of 500 Fiat.
Suddenly the body-maker got down to work and shot ahead as within
few weeks the prototype took shape and was ready for the testing
on road.
To that car was given the name «Gamine» that in french means
«little scamp».
The first prototype was sent to France where it has been very
Now the «Gamine» is regularly produced and after having been
sold all over Italy is going to cross the ocean to reach United States.
If you think that Mr. Vignale started his work just with a 500, this
nostalgic return to that time, could not be celebrated with better luck.

There are many people, actually not too young, who are interested
in «Gamine» but this is another thing.

Just here, borns the little Gamine...



It seems to be unbelievable that such a little car make people talk
so much about itself, but it happens.
Since it's first apparition in the Paris exhibition, the public conferred
the success on it.

Little by little has grown in importance and you can see it every-
where: it participates in competitions and it is awarded with the first
prize, competes even for Rallyes and wins trophies bigger than itself.
To the last Monaco Grand Prix, has opened even the competitors
line and has been photographed near Prince Ranieri.

Just to let you know, this little car, won the Journalistic Montecarlo
Rallye 1968, being awarded with the first prize prototype trophy, drived
by M. Bozon (Equipe) and M. Issontier (Dépêche de Toulouse).

The Gamine has even opened the competitors line, during the last Monaco
Grand Prix.




The little Gamine, of course, could not always go around with a
summer dress, so it bas been prepared for it a little coat.

Vignale layed this problem to heart, and we can be sure that after
the mentioned dressing, the Gamine will face rigours of winter without
any scare.
You have certainly understood that the car will be provided with
«Hard Top» which wilt give to the little car a dignified and com-
fortable air.

A new edition of this Fiat 500, which the young people are longing
for, and the old people envy, wilt be very soon finished. .

It seems to be in fact in a spatial complex...

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