BMW by Vignale/Michelotti


1959 Vignale/Michelotti one-off 507
Owner: Oscar Davis

The Vignale/Michelotti 507 is the only one of its kind in the world. It is a one-off car designed by Giovanni Michelotti, and built by Vignale. It was Michelotti's idea of what he thought the second generation 507 should look like, and was done with no request from BMW. The car is built on a stock 507 chassis that Michelotti bought from the factory in 1958, and was shown at the Turin Auto Salon in May of 1959. One interesting thing about the car is the styling similarity to the BMW 700, which was also designed by Michelotti. "The one-off is in excellent shape, with only
10,000 km on it," says Oscar. The body is not as solid as the production 507, but it drives well.

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