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Born: March 5, 1913 in Helen, Montana.

Before becoming one of the original eight Pied Pipers in 1938, Dick Whittinghill was a member of vocal group The Four Esquires (not to be confused with 1950's doowop group of same name). A few glimpses of this group, along with the Stafford Sisters and other vocal groups can be caught in 1938 movie musical "Alexander's Ragtime Band", starring Alice Faye and Tyrone Power.

From the 1950's on he was a popular DJ at KMPC radiostation in Hollywood.

He made appearances as an actor in rock 'N' roll movie "Jamboree" and on TV-series such as "Dragnet" (1959) and "Perry Mason" (1961).

He wrote a book about his life as a DJ, which was published in 1976, entitled "Did You Whittinghill This Morning?: The madcap adventures of a Hollywood disc jockey".

Dick Whittinghill passed away on January 24, 2001.

Selected discography

The Pied Pipers
Vi 26320: Sugar foot stomp/Polly wolly doodle
Vi 26364: In a little Spanish town/What is this thing called love

Dick Whittinghill
Dot 45-16503: Apology at bedtime/Musings of a father (45rpm, 1963)

Dick Whittinghill & Bob Arbogast
Dot: Live at Carnegie Hall (comedy album - 12" 33rpm)


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