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The Johnny Mercer Archives
Great site on one of America's greatest songwriters of the 20th century.
Lots of articles, sheetmusic pics and other photos.

Crabapple Sound
Many many radio shows available by various artists from the 1930s to the 1950s, including "Johnny Mercer's Music Shop" from 1944 and Frank Sinatra's "Old Gold" shows from 1945 - 1947.

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Corinthian Records
Jo Stafford and her husband Paul Weston founded this label in the late 1970's and many of their Columbia recordings of the Fifties & Sixties are now available on CD through their own label.

Amy Weston's vocals
Amy Weston is the daughter of Jo Stafford and Paul Weston and can be heard on several albums as well, among which Bill Elliott's Swing Orchestra that had a vocal group singing in the style of The Pied Pipers.

Vernise Pelzel
Fun site of Clark Yocum's niece who writes children's books and is also a children's educator


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