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George Prillaman was born on August 5, 1805. He was married to Dicie Ross, the daughter of Daniel Ross and Nancy Ingram, and these two managed an output of 12 children, 7 boys and 5 girls. George was a farmer, and at least a reasonably prosperous one. The 1860 census schedule values his real estate at $3600 and his personal estate at $4815. Using an internet inflation calculator, this would be $151,567.74 in 1999 dollars. However, in a letter home to his father George during the Civil War, Gabriel Prillaman writes of his Uncle Flem, who had just made a sale, "I am surprised at his prefering money to Land" - which gives an insight to the priorities of the farmer in that day.

Interestingly, on this particular page of the census return, the only person with more wealth than George was his mother Nancy, with $10,338 ($186,204 in 1999) - and Nancy is enumerated, even as a 77 year old, as a 'farmer', and as the head of the household which included only her and her 44-year-old son Fleming. I would guess that at 77 her method of farming was probably to tell Fleming to grab himself a hoe and get to work.

One might expect that since George Prillaman was born in 1805, that Confederate service would call his sons, but not him, since he was in his mid-fifties by the start of the war. In fact, many of his sons did fight for the Confederacy, but it appears that old George himself even enlisted on April 15, 1864, in Company B of the 57th Virginia Infantry. He would have been 58 (Note: This information obtained from the index of 57th Virginia soldiers in Charles W. Sublett's unit history, '57th Virginia Infantry'. I plan to get more complete records of George's service as time permits). Of George and Dicie Prillaman's seven sons, son Jacob died as a child, son Peyton was 11 years old or so at the start of the war, and son George was about 15 when it started (although I won't say he didn't serve - I don't know). The other 4 boys engaged themselves in Confederate service, they being Christian Snidow Prillaman, Isaac Prillaman, Fleming Martin Prillaman, and Gabriel Prillaman. The first three all served in the 57th VA, and Gabriel may have as well, although he is not listed in Sublett's index. Christian and Fleming were also wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg , and Fleming was captured. However, he was exchanged and returned to service after recovering from a thigh wound, and was among those who surrendered at Appomattox. Luckily, 45 pages of Civil War correspondence from these 4 boys is extant, and I received copies of the same from James Robertson, distinguished professor of History at Virginia Tech. I have transcribed about half of these to date and have posted them (Civil War Letters). Mostly, they are letters from the boys to their father George, though there are some to brothers, sisters, wives, etc.

George Prillaman's old homestead is still standing in Franklin County, Virginia. It is an old log cabin that is now being used for storage by the family that owns the property - the location is an orchard near the Horseshoe Point Recreation area in Franklin County. Pictures of the house from 1997 are below.

Two views of George Prillaman's still-standing log cabin. The location is Franklin
County, VA, on the North Side of Philpott Reservoir, off Route 934 (Near
Horseshoe Point).

George Prillaman's will was recorded in Franklin County in 1890. Since it is relatively brief the entirety is repeated below.
Will of George Prillaman
Franklin Co., VA Will Book 21

The last will and testament of George Prillaman of the County of Franklin and State of Virginia. I George Prillaman in considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
First I give and bequeath to all my children an equal part of my estate consisting of real and personal property. Their names are as follows.
Exony King............... Caroline M Cannaday
Gabriel Prillaman........ Lydia A Prillaman
Martha E. Turner......... George A Prillaman
Fleming M Prillaman...... Nannie J Prillaman
Isaac Prillaman
It is my desire for my four sons to make the division and if they cannot make it satisfactory to all they can sell the property and equally divide the proceeds.

George Prillaman

The above instrument consisting of one sheet was now here subscribed by George Prillaman the testator, in the presence of each of us and was declared by him to be his last will and Testament and we at his request sign our names hereto as attesting witnesses.

Test NC Williams Gwen(?) Bowling Fleming L Turner

Franklin County Court May 5th 1890 The last will and testament of George Prillaman deceased was produced in court and proved by the oath of N C Williams and Fleming L Turner two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded
Teste Jas J Carper Clerk

George died on March 17th, 1889, and was buried on a knoll above his cabin shown above.

George Prillaman's headstone. His house is off to the right
in this picture, and Bob Ingram performs pointing duties.

FIFTH GENERATION: Martha E. Prillaman
Martha Prillaman was the 5th child of George and Dicie, and the 2nd daughter, born on May 3, 1834. She married Andrew Hardin Turner in Franklin County, and they had 9 children: three girls first, then six boys.

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