Dear Annie

 Just a few lines to let you know that I am well hoping this will find you all the same at home. I have been waiting for a letter from you for some time now but nothing doing I dont know what is the matter with the mail these days nobody is getting any at all.

Well Annie we expect to leave here for LaHavre and England on the 17th this month then Heigh Ho for Canada I hope to be in Canada by the end of March or the 1st of April at the latest now things are looking pretty good to us now I expect we will go to the Peg as a Battn so look out for visitors and have an extra bed ready in case of need as I have lots of friends going through to Vancouver with their wife from England and I expect they will stay a week in the Peg I may ask one of them to stay with me for that time.

I have just come back from the review at Liege some place but very expensive no more trips like that for me if I can get out of it but I was Brigade Sgt Maj as I am the oldest in France at the present time some class eh leading the Parade I often wonder if I will ever lead any more in the Peg and what I am going to do I may have to go back to Crane Co again by the by I cut out a piece out of the valve world you sent thanking them for the 21 dols Pat got it is the 1st time I knew you got it they are getting generous I hope I get all that Bonus Money as we can do with it when this Darned war is all over I am fed up with it in the meantime but I suppose I will still stay in it after I get back until the next war starts (eh) just depends how things go I never recd any Jack Canuck or papers yet so stop sending them anything interesting keep it for me as I will soon be there now only another 6 weeks to wait it looks like 6 months to me with all these big hugs I have to get from you to make up for lost time and decorations did any of the Camerons ever write to you about them I am having them sent to 965 Lipton to you.

There is some word of us going to Yorkshire I wish I had your Aunts address and name as I have not got it but have an idea it is 34 Arkwright St Bolton I would go to there for a day or 2 I will now close hoping to hear from you soon and back home again in the Peg as soon as they like anywhere out of here

Love to all remember me to Amy and Walter

 Your Loving Hubbie

 X X X X X X X X X X X



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