August 24th
Dear Annie

Just a line to let you know I have got back again & in the trenches just reached 2 hours ago & as tired as an old horse I had a pretty good time of it when I was home but sorry to say had to many whiskies and bottled Bosses I guess they will be telling you all about it I only had 2 days in Elgin to short all together 4 days travelling it is hardly worth while going unless one stays in England I also saw Alex Cameron the piper & Misses he is Pipe Maj now some class eh

 I am Regtl all right now my rank was confirmed last Aug night you should get another 5 Dols a month now Sep I had not time to write when at home in fact I was on my way back before I was right home I had your letter today dated Aug 2nd from Clearwater you must be chummy with Maud again I will stop now but will write again when I steady up I certainly feel pretty ratty today write again soon

Your Loving Hubbie




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