On Active Service

July 15

 Dear Annie

 Just a line to let you know that I am always alive and kicking hoping this will find you all well at home I have just come out of the trenches last night but we are only 40 minutes walk from them so we are not any to safe here the huns just blew over a Church Tower about 2 miles behind us about an hour ago that is there favorite pass time anyway they are devils and we hate them (them us)

I suppose you will be glad to hear that I got on for Regt Sergt Maj I came out in orders last night the S M got hit 3 days ago with shrapnel so I am taking his place I dont think he will come back again he is pretty well played out & will be kept for Drill purposes I expect to get W.O. if he don't come back it means more pay only it wont effect you as I have to pay a bat man to look after my kit 25 francs a month (franc 10 pennies) some class to the J Kay 965 Lipton eh. things have been fairly quiet here just now one or two pretty hot times when out in the trenches 1 Officer 1 private killed not my Coy Scott died of wounds same day as I told you about in last letter to bad but this is war we all take our chances I am quite a little bit safer now not for shelling but rifle fire in the trenches not so much to do either it is a snap to C. S. M

i had a letter from Bishopmill today they had a letter from you ah 1 tot rum & 2 raw eggs how nice I feel going back & fight fritz one came over to our Barbed wire 2 mornings ago through a field of corn our fellows seen him & fired at him he shouted dont fire you dammed fools dont fire one of the boys shouted whats the matter fritz and gave him beans he went down amonst the corn but we dont know whether he was hit or not I was out looking but could not find him. I am glad things are going pretty good with you as it is easies my mind quite a bit

I will have to quit now hoping to hear from you again soon

Love to all you all

Your Loving Hubbie

write soon


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