Jan 22nd, 1915
 Dear Wifie

 Just a line in answer to your welcome letter which I received yesterday glad to hear you are all well at home as this leaves the same I have still got a bad cold but so busy I have not got time to think about it

 I am glad you got my Bonus all right you have got the upper hand this time keeping it all yourself but I will have some of it when I come back 51 beans that is all right

I had a letter from Norrington C & O he told me that Miss Luce told him you was to get about 50 Dollars to bad it was not the Old 78 eh but there is no kick coming did Mr Agnew offer to do anything else for you as regards coal or wood he said he would if you was stuck How about the other Payments are you getting the 25 Sep and my 40 & 25 Patriotic yet you never mentioned what you got or if you are getting it all right & I would like very much to know and I often wonder how you are off for money as I spend quite a little bit here that I could send on if you require it let me know as soon as possible Dear as we expect to be away very soon not later than the 7th Feb

How is Pat & Doris Cameron Kay getting on some class to the name but I object to your sending her over here as a mascot to walk the floor at 2 am, we get little enough sleep as it is we are out of bed every morning at 5 am this morning we had about a foot of snow for the first time we fell in at 6:15 & marched 6 miles to the ranges but it was snowing too hard to shoot so we marched back again in heavy marching order. I had the best score on the range (5 shots 30 secs 5 Bulls eyes) 15 shots 1 minute 15 hits counting 35 Points out of 45 pretty good I think I can shoot off Old KaiserBill Iron Cross yet

Tell them all that i was asking for them No more at present hoping to hear from you again soon

Your Loving Hubbie

J Kay


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