Thu Dec 10 1914
 Dear Annie

 Just a few lines to let you know that I am still well & getting on fine hoping this will find you all the same a home I received your two letters this week also Annie Russells & one from Norrington of Crane & Ordways he said that the most of Ware house & the Office staff were laid off Joe Phipps & Fred Hartwell were the first to go also 3 of the girls in the office he said I was lucky to be away Annie had not much to say only that Johnnie was up there and shot 3 Geese & they were fine eating of course that made my mouth water as we have the same feed every day. There is no word of our Pay getting cut down there would be trouble if that was the case

You seen to be having quite a time of visitors lately there never was so much before I guess there would be more after the Baby arrived I have not received a letter yet since the arrival but waiting patiently. The war is going on fine the Germans is getting Beans all right our Tommies will soon be getting sour krout all right. I just got a paper now and the news is good 3 of the German Cruisers that sunk the Monmouth & Good Hope has been sunk in return what will be left of them when the war is over wont be much.

Well Annie how is the family getting on lots of howling now I suppose I am missing the music you will have your hands full now all right but it will keep you from worrying a bit I feel quite content when I know that you have lots of money & fire how did the Potatoes in the garden turn out did you get a dinner out of them. I was wonder if C & O would give you anything at Xmas we will miss the bonus this year all right I told last one that it would be the last one it will be very doughtfull if any of them will get it What are you going to call the little one I suppose you don't know but I am leaving it to yourself

 I have little more to say at present only we are the narwy squad just now I have been out this last 2 days with 150 men digging holes this is the life I got off today to make up the time my Bunch has 76£-16s-0D coming I have 15 shillings. I expect to take the Sergt Major job to day as he is going away on leave for a week so I will be busy for a while I have no more to say at present hoping to hear from you soon I have not got any Xmas cards to send yet but will do later on Ta Ta the noo

 Wishing you all a Merry Xmas & a Happy New year

Your Ever Loving Hubbie

 The Whole family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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