This is the first of several letters written by RSM James Kay during WW1 to his wife Annie Kay in Winnipeg.It is not his handwriting but the spelling and punctuation are as written. I hope the letters will give you a feel for the time period.

Sun Nov 8th 1914

Blantyre St.

 Dear Annie,

 Just a few lines to let you know that I am always in the land of living & keeping well hoping this will find you all the same at home I got up here friday & going back Tuesday not much time but better than nothing I am having a good time here amongst the girls only they know that I am married too bad isnt it there is more girls than men here all the men are away fighting or in camps the same as us

The people here has got the war scare all right and all the lights in the Towns are in darkness things are pretty bad all over I had 3 hours in London coming here & it was so dark that you could hardly see your hands in front of you never mind knowing anybody.

Well Annie there is no word of us going over there yet some say March but we might get marching orders anytime We had the King and Queen Kitchener Lord Roberts & a lot more down seeing us Last Wednesday they were fine pleased with the men I was standing close up beside them but they did not speak to me should have done you know.

Well Annie Dear how is things going on longing to get your Hubbie back I suppose having your hands full with Pat and the other one I have got no word yet but expect to get letter when I go back to camp. Aunt Mary sends her love no more at present hoping to hear from you soon

write soon

Your Loving Hubbie

Coy Sgt Maj J Kay


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