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 TIGGERS welcomes enthusiastic Gene collectors who live in Tennessee and who enjoy getting news and exchanging information via the Internet. For more information, please refer to the How to Join link. 

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TIGGERS (Tennessee Internet Gene Group) is an Internet club for Gene collectors who live in Tennessee. Not only do we exchange news and information by email, but we try to meet several times a year for fun, food and good Gene fellowship!

TIGGERS started unofficially in spring of 1999 when founder Kathryn Darden (Nashville) met fellow Gene collectors Elaine Posanka (Tullahoma) and Jamey Taylor (Nashville) on the Internet. With a Collectors United doll show coming up, Kathryn suggested the three hook up at a restaurant after the show to compare dolls and stories. That lunch lasted three hours. Within weeks Kathryn met Chevy Anz (Knoxville) on the web and had the idea that four people could be the start of something good. Elaine, Jamey and Chevy agreed, and soon Kathryn was accosting people on the boards who used any form of Tennessee in their email names and inviting them to join the club! Other names were recommended and by September 1999 there were 12 members from across the state.

In September of 1999, Kathryn, Chevy, Marianne and Cheryl had the opportunity to meet with  at a Chinese restaurant in Knoxville for the first TIGGERS dinner. Chevy brought her parents and more fabulous customized dolls than we could count and we had a great time.

On October 3 we had out first big event when eight of us met at the Marl and Joe Show in Nashville for the first official TIGGERS luncheon. Members came from Clarksville, Tullahoma, Crossville, Knoxville, Jackson and Nashville proving distance is of little importance when it comes to meeting Gene friends. The fact we had lots of free goodies was an added bonus! Ashton Drake generously provided a Savannah Gene and several other goodies, and other dealers chipped in including: Anne's Dolls 'n More, Anne-Marie at Petite Boutique, Doris Mixon, Simply Lovely, and more. Each member also brought 8 - 10 "goodies" to be exchanged in goody bags and we thoroughly enjoyed a great time exchanging loot and getting to know each other.

As of October 27, we are 15 members strong. Now we are looking forward to Gene Appreciation Day at Dolls 'n More in Clarksville on November 13.

How to Join

We welcome new members. The only requirements are that members live in Tennessee, are willing and able to exchange news and information via the Internet, and conduct themselves with integrity and in a fashion compatible with a "G-Rated" group which means no "adult" language or topics are acceptable. If you feel like you meet those qualifications, simply email [email protected].

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