Club Tournament Results
Our club just purchased Windows TD tournament director software.  This program is simply fantastic!  We will shortly begin using it for our club meeting tourneys.  The program has databases for student info, databases for teams, multiple ways to pair and run tourneys, and excellent ease of use.

Windows TD is a Windows-based program that incorporates "drag-and-drop".  This helps the TD quickly move players in sections, assign byes, remove and then re-enter players, and more.  We highly recommend it as we will be using it for the 1998 Texas Region V Championships.

For our club, we will be using the "local ratings" feature.  This computes a rating after you complete your club tourneys.  It is a super way to keep interest high in your club.  The rating is computed using standard deviations as well as a formula to come up with a number that is fairly similar to the system USCF uses.

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